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Friday, February 25, 2011


In the absence these days of simple manners, which always used to prevent a decent person from being rude or nasty to someone simply because they are of a different race, we now have endless Diversity Training. I am booked on to theOne Day Self-Awareness, Diversity, Learning and Skill Sharing Conferenceat a particularly grubby national hotel chain half way across the county.
This course is mandatory for all sergeants and Inspectors. Apparently, names will be taken and anyone failing to attend will be speaking to the Chief Superintendent personally. Funny that, because when I tried to speak to him to get a RIPPA authority so we could follow a man we knew was accosting children in the park he wasn’t available. But he is available to hand out a rollocking to anyone who missed the course, so more for my Chief Inspector’s benefit than mine (he has been accused of not being able to ‘manage’ me) I have decided to go.
The joining instructions instruct me to bring an item which is precious to me, something I think will start a discussion, something which sums up the way I feel about Diversity. I can’t take my own book, so I have decided to take a poster sized version of the photo below.
Here we have one of the Diversity team’s most favourite people in a celebratory victory handshake with one of the Diversity team’s least favourite people. When I am asked what it is that I feel is so precious, I will say the life of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Do you think that will start a discussion?

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