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as ek jou kry, slaat ek jou dood

Monday, February 25, 2013


 De blauwe vogel

Maeterlinck schreef hem,
Magritte die schilderde
Nietzsche die dacht hem en
Rilke die dichtte
hem steeds verder van zich af.

Eén iemand zingt hem,
een ander die danst hem
en nog iemand droomt onbeschroomd
hem in lauw-erotische dromen nabij.

Ouders realiseren hem,
kinderen fantaseren,
grootouders herinneren zich,
stervenden vliegen
op zijn vleugels mee weg.

Een enkeling sport hem
en nog één die kort hem
het leven door roken wat in.
Die drinkt ziet er twee
maar wordt wakker met géén
die snuift zweeft alleen
die slikt voelt zich één met de rest.

…zo fladdert iedereen
maar wat rond met zijn kooi.

En ik?
Ik zocht en probeerde
met de stomste combinaties:
ik  symboliseerde
en esthetiseerde
en filosofeerde vanalles ineen.
Het werd soms een vlieg
en soms een blauwe mug.
En was ’t eens een vogel
dan was hij pikzwart
met schubben voor veren
zonder krop en met stenen in ’t hart.

Tot op een dag, ik lag nog te slapen,
een vogel me onzacht deed ontwaken-
die kwett’rend de dagendraad vrolijk verderspon.
Mij daagde ’t ook plots:
ik dacht terug aan die rots
aan de Côte d’Azul waar Maeterlinck
zijn Point de Vue had gehad,
en zag in de duif van Magritte
Liesbeths blauwe grasparkiet
zich verheffen, onaangedaan
van het duistere zwerk.

‘Kooi’ is ook maar pejoratief
voor ‘nest’.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Do What Son: Updated and fatter than ever.

Posted by admin On February - 7 - 2013
Chris Spivey

Seems I hit a nerve yesterday and in doing so exposed another gutless glory hunting MP.
Tom Watson; I will remind you of the Abraham Lincoln quote: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.
Very appropriate I think, given the circumstances. You see, contrary to what my Mother thinks, I can behave myself… Most of the time.
However, whenever I see ‘something’ that is blatantly taking the piss, that ‘something’ then becomes like a red rag to a Bull.
The ‘something’ in question was in connection with a tweet posted by the MP Tom Watson at around 8.15AM yesterday morning (6/2/13). This tweet of Watson’s was urging people to ring the NSPCC helpline, who in turn, were offering to speak to the Police on behalf of any callers, in connection with Child Abuse (scroll down for screen-print of the tweet).
Even so, despite feeling my hackles rise I may still have been able to ignore the Tweet, had the NSPCC not replied. But the bastards did and the fact that they did I’m afraid to say, fucked me right off.
At this point, I should just mention for those not aware, that I have a huge problem with the NSPCC. This problem stems from an E-mail that I received in November of last year. The E-mail was in connection with an African National Congress (ANC) Terrorist called Hein /Heinrich Grosskopf .
In the late 1980′s Grosskopf was South Africa’s public enemy number 1. He was in fact, responsible for at least 7 murders as well as causing serious injury to at least a further 26 innocent civilians after detonating a car bomb next to a shopping mall. After fleeing to England in fear for his life, Grosskopf, for reasons unknown was taken under the wing of some very powerful people.
You see, what happened was, despite not being qualified, Grosskopf was inexplicably registered as a Social Worker with the General Social Care Council (GSCC) and given a senior management post at the NSPCC. The following photos show the aftermath of Grosskopf’s handy work.

Now, it could be argued that the ANC were fighting a just cause, what with Nelson Mandela and all that old bollocks. At least it could if you believe the MSM’s propaganda about Nelson and Winnie the Poo Mandela. Never the less, there is never any justification to blow up innocent people. Yet Grosskopf, by his own admission knew that innocent people would be killed or injured when he detonated the car bomb. But he still did so anyway. Therefore, he is a monster.
I have to say, that on recipt of this information, I originally intended to write an article centred entirely around Grosskopf and his involvement with the NSPCC. However, given the contents of the whitewashed report on operation Yewtree, jointly compiled by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC (released in mid January), I was so incensed that I wrote an article centred around the report entitled ‘The Crook Report‘ in which I included a summary of Grosskopf’s involvement with the NSPCC.
In hindsight, that was probably a mistake, since the scandal was overshadowed by the outrageous Yewtree report. The following is what I wrote about Grosskopf in The Crook Report:
 The NSPCC  Employed Hein Grosskopf  between 1999 and 2005 as a Child Protection Officer at management level. Grosskopf, who is registered  with  the General Social Care Council, was moved under a cloud from the Blackburn branch of the NSPCC, to become the manager of the NSPCC’s Blackpool team. He also happens to have been an ANC Terrorist. Or, to be more specific still, he was once the most Wanted man in South Africa.
Grosskopf ,  was later granted amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) after admitting obtaining and packing explosives into vehicles to be used as Car Bombs. Grosskopf  then drove the Car Bombs into place, within residential built up areas, and set the bomb timers allowing him just enough time to make good his escape. As a direct result of Grosskopf’s handy work 7 people were killed and 26 people were injured, including a 16yr old girl whom he had looked in the eye before calmly walking away and letting the bomb detonate. Ironically the girl lost an eye in the explosion.  On top of the human cost, 58 buildings sustained damage and 33 motor cars were destroyed.
Grosskopf, who was heading a team of social workers that specialise in trauma and  grief counselling (equivalent to putting a paedophile in charge of school swimming classes) was criticised by his bomb blast victims who are adamant that the murderer showed no signs of remorse what so ever, while testifying to the TRC. 
When colleagues at the NSPCC found out about Grosskopf’s past and took their concerns to senior management, The Terrorist was suspended only to be reinstated when it was discovered that Grosskopf’s atrocities were already known about at the highest level. The three people who had exposed Grosskopf were forbidden from divulging his past to ANYONE, and were made aware that should they do so they would be subject to serious disciplinary action (Sacked).
The following is how the story was first relayed to me via email sent by one of the afore mentioned three whistle-blowers. This person followed up the allegation by sending me a 3 inch thick pile of paperwork, which is INDISPUTABLE evidence of her claims. I have made no alterations or corrections to the Email other than to put Quotation Marks at the beginning and end. 
At the time when we found out we reported our concerns to Newspapers, the Mirror and the Telegraph were going to print but the story was stopped. We were interviewed by Panorama but it never went any where and the reporter said ‘influence’ had stopped it. We reported the matter to the GSCC as we didn’t think Hein or his line managers had mentioned his past career including his training in making bombs, infiltrating and living undercover etc and we wondered how he had managed to gain his registration as a social worker. The solicitor and others in the GSCC were horrified, (initially) a tribunal date was set, statements taken etc but we knew that the NSPCC have ways of stopping everything.
The solicitor who worked for the GSCC said she expected the tribunal to de register him and also Marcus Erooga (Verruca) and Gorden Ratcliffe, (Ratface) the two managers within the NSPCC who had lied on records to enable Hein to achieve registration. We told the solicitor that we hoped she was right but that we didn’t believe it would happen. She laughed at us and said there is no way they are going to make this go away! She was wrong. A month or so before the tribunal was to be held we were told there had been a change of solicitor and days before the tribunal was to be held we received letters saying it was not going ahead. The whole thing was dropped

At one point we contacted Sir Christopher Kelly as he was a trustee for the NSPCC and was also bringing out a report citing the crucial importance of staff vetting, following the Soham murders. We thought surely he wouldn’t think it ok for NSPCC to be employing Hein, with his history, pretending to be a social worker, managing a team working with child victims of abuse. Again we were wrong he spoke to my colleague on the phone and made it very clear that we had no business making contact with him and that he did not want to hear from us again.
We took the whole thing to our MP and asked him to refer it to the parliamentary ombudsman which he did. We didn’t have any expectations that anything would come of it and for once we were right. We got a letter back saying they had looked into it, couldn’t comment on the rights and wrongs of it all but could only look at the process and decide if it had been followed correctly, which of course in their view it had been.
We made formal complaints about the bullying and threats we received by Verruca and Ratface but these were ‘thoroughly’ investigated, took months and we had to trek over to Leeds a couple of times to make statements and provide evidence which we did, even written evidence. Needless to say the outcomes were that they couldn’t find any evidence to support our claims!
We then gave up. But along the way we came across other people who had stories to tell about the NSPCC and all said the same thing…….”you’ll never get anything out about them, it can’t be done.”
 In fact Verruca, told us one day that we had “no idea what we were dealing with” and he wanted us to understand we were “playing a dangerous game and going up against a very powerful machine!!”
I have no doubt that he was telling the truth on that occassion”!
As if that wasn’t bad enough, I then went on to say that:
I should also point out that the NSPCC is a Royal Charter registered charity whose patron is Jimmy Savile’s very close friend Queen Bizzy Lizzy.
In December 2007, The afore mentioned Chairman of the NSPCC, Sir Christopher Kelly (Freemason) was chosen by the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Paedophile) to become the Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life .
Hmmm. We have already heard about his standards, haven’t we.
You will like this next bit though. Sir Chris Kelly (Not the fella who presented ‘Clapperboard’, I liked him, I did) was also head of the Anti Sleaze Watchdog.
To this day, Grosskopf’s life is in such grave danger that his home address cannot be divulged while he remains an exile in this country. You can understand why when you read the following which was posted in a forum on
White ANC Member Weeps for Brother Killed by New South Africans
Well looky here – on Health24’s Wall Of Remembrance for victims of crime, we find an entry for a Martin Grosskopf, who was brutally stabbed to death in his Pretoria home on 7 January 2005.…emembrance.asp
The entry was posted yesterday by none other than his AK47 wielding traitor brother Hein / Heinrich, who, having bombed & murdered innocent civilians on behalf of the murderous ANC terrorists, fled to the safety of First World Britain and has remained there ever since, too sh*t scared of right wing threats to have him ‘taken out’.
I hope Hein Grosskopf now takes great pride and pleasure in the part he played in bringing about this ruinous, criminal regime, which has directly lead to the death of his brother at the hands of his dearly beloved New South Africans.

#135 — Martin Grosskopf — 44 M
7/1/2005 About 19:00 — Hit over the head, and stabbed in the neck.
Home — Murder and a few thing stolen. — Martin, you were a peacemaker. We will always miss you. Rest in peace. Heinrich Grosskopf

So, after reading that, you will hopefully understand that when I noticed that the NSPCC had replied to Tom Watsons Tweet – thanking him for promoting their helpline – I couldn’t stop myself  from also making a reply. Moreover, three other people added their two pence worth. Here is the screen-print of the Tweet in question.

Since Tom Watson was Twittering right up until 9PM last night, you would have thought that he would have at least addressed the issue that I raised. He certainly cannot have missed the Tweets. Neither could the NSPCC have missed them either. But they too stayed strangely quiet.
This was despite a fellow tweeter named Claire calling for him to reply to me. Since he didn’t, I predicted what would happen, as evidenced by these Tweets.

As you can see, 6hrs later, my site was attacked. I will deal with that attack shortly.
After discovering that my site had been taken down – You may recall the same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when one of my articles was posted on the House of Lords website – I tweeted the following:
“That is Tom Watson for you. Truth and Transparency? An Act of Parliament more like. You lot make me die”.
But, as you can see from the following Print-screen in which I tagged Watson, he Still stayed silent.

That begs the question: Just who do these fucking people think they are? What happened to public accountability?
I wasn’t rude when I first mentioned Grosskopf  to Watson following his promotion of the NSPCC Tweet.
Neither was anyone else for that matter.
Furthermore, while this was going on, Jimmy Jones from the Outlaw Blog also raised a very good issue following another one of Watsons Tweets.

Never the less, Watson obviously thought himself too Grand to address Jimmy also.
You would have thought that myself and Jimmy would have been thanked by him for bringing these matters to his attention.
After all, this is the ‘crusading’ Tom Watson who was basking in his own glory after raising the issue of the Downing Street Paedophile ring with Cameron during the Prime Ministers question time.
But alas, no.
This refusal to address my remarks along with my site being attacked led to a lot of people posting on his Facebook page, asking him what he intended to do about the issue.
However, looking down his page, It appears to be the case  that Watson only replies to  matters of great insignificance.
He’s certainly been tweeting this morning though. And addressing  those all  important issues too. Just take a look at these Tweets.

Quite obviously, he was that busy addressing the above life changing issues, that he didn’t get time to address my seemingly unimportant matter about Child Abuse. So, since Watson’s days appear to revolve around trivial Twitter gossip, I wondered how much public money Watson was defrauding the nation of  in the form of wages and expenses… I tell you what though, if everyone could have a job like our Politicians there would be zero unemployment and no poverty. Fuck me it isn’t hard to master using twitter on the latest i-phone is it.
However, like most things to do with our corrupt MP’s these days, information is hard to come by. Fortunately, I was able to find out that in 2006, the robbing fat useless bastard conned the nation out of £211,000… Did you get that? Not far off a quarter of a million pound! In 2006!  He really did earn every penny of that didn’t he – the thieving cunt:
Last year Watson pocketed his £60,000 salary and his parliamentary expenses amounted to £150,000-plus – bringing his total package to £211,000 – making him the 73rd highest claiming MP out of 646 MPs. Quite an achievement for an MP not claiming for travel to and from Scotland.
Pausing briefly. What kind of job merits expenses that are  two and a half times the basic salary. Are our Politicians fucking spacemen or something? However, if we all had the same entitlements as the lazy, fat, good for fuck all leeches, someone doing a 40 hour week on minimum wage would have a salary of £866.60. Yes please Mr Cameron, you fucking ponce.
Sorry, I’m digressing. Back to what I found out about Looter Watson’s wages:
 He of course employs his wife Siobhan at the public’s expense, his brother, Dan, is constituency director to Euro MP Michael Cashman, Dan Watson’s wife, Joanna, has no fewer than three jobs.Like her husband, she also works for Mr Cashman and for Wolverhampton Labour MP Pat McFadden, yet still finds time to be a Labour councillor in Sandwell. Amy Watson, cousin of Tom and Dan, works for Birmingham Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden. The West Midlands constituency Labour Party offices are packed with Watsons… Read More
So, we can conclude that the whole of Watson’s fucking family are scroungers who want something for nothing by defrauding the system. I thought the cunt Cameron implied that, that type of person all live in Council houses? Watson doesn’t live in a council house. The following is from Wikipedia:
On 10 May 2009 it was revealed that since being re-elected as MP in 2005, Watson claimed the maximum £4,800 allowance for food in a single year ( he would though, wouldn’t he the fat fuck – Spivey). From 2005-2009, Watson and Iain Wright claimed over £100,000 on the apartment they share. Watson responded that a “pizza wheel” that appeared on a Marks & Spencer receipt he submitted was given as a free gift after he spent £150 at the store.
Oh so he is criminal then. Thought the fat cunt might be. But wait! What is that about him living with Iain Wright? In the words of Harry Enfield: “Is he quare”? That wouldn’t surprise me. They all are!
So what about Iain Wright then? “Is he quare”? He’s certainly bent that’s for sure. This too from Wikipedia:
In May 2009,during the MP’s expenses row, Wright and fellow Labour MP Tom Watson were criticised by the Daily Telegraph for “lavishing” £100,000 on a “shared central London crash pad.” Wright and Watson claimed the legal fees for buying the property and the following year claimed £1,431.46 legal fees for buying the freehold, which significantly enhanced the property value. Rules at the time did not require them to reimburse any profits made on the sale of the property. In response, Wright said “As a new MP, I purchased furniture and electrical equipment once I was in the process of purchasing a half share of a small two-bedroom flat in London.” His expenses for 2008-2009 were £136,725 and ranked 489 out of 647 MPs. The Legg Report stated that he was reimbursed £805.97 for an extra month mortgage interest in 2006-2007 which he subsequently repaid.
Birds of a feather Watson, birds of a feather. Iain Wright is of course, not to be confused with the ex Arsenal and England Striker Ian Wright. He’s not “quare”. I fucking like Ian Wright, I do.

So what about all this stuff and nonce-sense in parliament where the good for nothing fraudster Watson asked the equally good for nothing fraudster Cameron about a Paedo ring in Downing Street?
Simple really. It was nothing more than an Act of Parliament, played out by Actors. Watson wouldn’t dare upset anyone. I know that now by the way he has ignored me on the Grosskopf scandal. However, if any Zombies reading this are not convinced, try this:
Watson was appointed as an Assistant Government Whip on 9 September 2004 and was nominated as a “Top Toadie” by The Guardian Diary on 6 January 2005. Source Wikipidea.
According to the Cambridge on-line dictionary, a Toadie is:  a person who praises and is artificially pleasant to people in authority, usually in order to get some advantage from them.
With that in mind, I would imagine that the Number One crawl arse cunt asked the question with an ulterior motive.
I will therefore mark him down as being a possible “quare”.
It is definitely safe to say that he is a purveyor of Bullshit, who is nothing more than a self serving egotist. He has no interest or intention of throwing a spanner in the works. Watson, you are the sleaze bag of the month… you obnoxious fart bubble.

Returning now to Grosskopf and his two cronies who arranged for the terrorist’s fraudulent registration, namely Gorden Ratcliffe and Marcus Erooga.
You will recall that these two reprobates were mention in the original E-mail I received from the ‘Whistleblower.
The Prat Erooga must have got an awful hard-on, when he came over all ‘Godfather’ like and threatened the three good ladies, who were rightly upset to find that their boss was a mass murderer:
“In fact Verruca, told us one day that we had “no idea what we were dealing with” and he wanted us to understand we were “playing a dangerous game and going up against a very powerful machine”.
Don’t you just hate fucking bullying  dickheads like that? Cunts that couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag but cum in their pants when they threaten a woman. Furthermore, I certainly find it worrying that a little bullying prick like him is in charge of an organisation that is supposed to care for abused children… Or am I wrong?
Mark Ebola or whatever the fuck your name is. I am not a woman and I will most definitely go up against a ‘powerful machine’. Throw a spanner into any machine and it soon grinds to a halt. I should also inform you that I have a whole toolbox full, you obnoxious, effeminate twat.
As for ‘Dangerous Games’?  I’ve been playing them all my fucking life you diseased weasel, so yeah, I am more than happy to play.
Lets start here.
In 2009 aruga or whatever the fannywipes name is wrote a paper, in which he cringingly praised his bum chum Gordon ‘the gofer’ Ratcliffe. Interestingly enough, the paper was entitled ‘Towards Safer Organisations’. You will especially like this next bit. The sub-title of this report states: Adults who pose a risk to children and implications for recruitment and selection.
I will give you a second or two, just to let that sink in…
Got it? You really couldn’t make this shit up don’t cha know. All the same, you can read the buttock clenching report here if ya like: 

At the time of the Grosskopf cover up the CEO of the NSPCC was Dame Mary Marsh. Marsh went on to become – and still is - the founding Director of the new Clore Social Leadership Programme, a major new initiative to develop and encourage emerging talent in the third sector. So, Common Purpose by any other name then.

As for the attack on my site? Well, I’m pleased to say that my Tech guy Carl was better prepared for it this time around.
That is just as well since last time we were attacked we were  down all weekend. This attack, so Carl tells me, was a lot worse than last time, yet we were back up and running in less than 7 hours. He also tells me that if it happens again, he will have it up and running in 3 hours next time. So fuck you Cameron and the rest of your scabby cunt cronies.
This is what Carl said about the attack:
a couple of day ago readers complained of attempted infiltration via the website – I plugged the hole and followed the trail – to the USA & India. Made to look like scammers, phishers, spammers & porn sites which seemed strange being as it was a big high tech U.S. run operation backed by Tech & Medical investment money – just me being paranoid you understand <rolls eyes>.
Neither Chris or I were on the site when the coding was played with again today – bit strange eh !
Make of that what you will. It was also nice to see that the stupid thick cunts learned fuck all from the last time they tried to destroy my site. Once again, the support I already have was further increased by the hundreds as a direct result of my site being attacked… The fucking incompetent Cretins.
It goes without saying that as well as this website, my Facebook page is also being targeted. Strangely enough that only applies to certain political posts like the ones I put up about the NSPCC yesterday. The share button seems to have gone walkabouts.
Finally, there is one other little matter that I would like to discuss with you.
I am acutely aware that people have been leaving my articles on various websites such as the House of Lords, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, various other Police websites and various other political/Politicians websites.
That’s cool. Its even a bit of a compliment I suppose. However, this is not a fucking game. This is deadly serious.
Think of it this way. If someone posted my article ‘Camerons Closet’ on Camerons website, he is going to be even more humiliated by having it left  on his doorstep, so to speak, than he is by just having people who visit this site read it…
It is in fact, safe to say that posting my articles on their walls is proper in ya face provocation, which the arseholes are only going to tolerate for so long, before retaliating.
Once again, that’s cool. If they think that I will go away, or that they can shut me down, then they are even dummer than they fucking look… And that is dum.
However, having now attempted to shut me down three times without success the stakes could well be raised next time. I’m prepared for that. Someone has to make a fucking stand against these parasites, and I’ve offered my neck up.
I’m not frightened, they have to be stopped and as such, I therefore do it willingly. And, at the end of the day, what will be, will be.
So, I want to make this crystal clear. I have absolutely no problem what so ever with people putting me directly in the firing line by posting my stuff on these Police and Political/Politicians websites.
However, if something should happen to me, I hope that  in return you will all dig deep and ensure that my Daughter and unborn Grandchild are well looked after. If I’m not here, I can’t provide and look out for them… That is all I ask for the risks I take.
I am going to be turning  the heat up even more on the cunts very, very soon… But for now, Nuff said.
And, on the plus side, I just received an E-mail from Captain Sensible. I fucking love Captain Sensible, I do.
I fucking love you lot too… Lets go to fucking war.
Over and out,


Chris Spivey

Since publishing my article ‘Do what son’ a couple of days ago, there has been a few new developments to the NSPCC scandal – not least of all, my encounter with the man himself, the MP Tom Watson.
Needless to say, the moron showed his true colours. However, before I give you the details of our little spat, there are a few other developments that you may be interested to learn about.
First on the list is the response to the article from the lady who contacted me about grosskopf. I shall call her Sue.
Sue emailed me after I first published the article to thank me for breaking the story. However it is us who should be thanking her. The fact that she has tried for at least 9 years to get the story out, for no other reason than to protect abused children makes her a true hero in my book.
If there were more people in this country with the same amount of  backbone and dogged determination that Sue has, then I’m sure we would be in nowhere near the mess we are today.
The fact that an organisation as corrupt as the NSPCC has gone unchecked for so long is a national disgrace. To quote David Icke: “I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the time in a room full of clocks”.
As far as I am concerned, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and the BBC should all hang their heads in shame, after first agreeing to run the story and then backing out after having pressure applied to them from the powers that be. If this story isn’t headline news, then I don’t know what is… Wait, come to think about it, I do. Jordan just got married for the 3rd time.
You can therefore understand why people are now turning to the Alternative media in there hundreds and thousands. You can also see why the puppet show want to close us down. They cannot control us. We are not frightened. The truth is what matters.
Now, you may recall that I make mention in the afore mentioned article that Sue was one of three women to blow the whistle on Grosskopf. The following is a summary of  the witness statement taken from one of those three ladies, whom I shall call Jacky.
Jacky, a registered social worker is the first to admit that when Grosskopf was first introduced to her as her manager, she got on very well with him. At that point in time she was the only Social Worker working in the NSPCC’s Acorn Centre.
The Acorn Centre deals with grief counselling for children between the ages of 0-18. Jacky actually says that in those first couple of weeks, she thought Grosskopf ‘was the best manager that she had ever had’.
However, over a short period of time, which saw staffing levels brought up to full capacity, Jacky began to feel very uncomfortable with both his ‘approach’ towards her and and his job. she says, and I quote directly from her witness statement here:
“I was uncomfortable with his continually holding me up as an example to the other staff, who were at the time very inexperienced. I felt that this was divisive and I discussed the issue with him, which he said he was aware of and believed that the team would resolve for itself”
In other words, Grosskopf had taken a shine to Jacky, and his constant praising of her was getting on the other staff members tits. When Jacky pulled Grosskopf about the matter, his attitude was that the team should ‘get over it’.
Jacky then goes on to say that, Grosskopf was “incredibly guarded about everything”, when it came to talking about himself. However, despite refusing to talk about things such as his former jobs or family, Jacky wasn’t too concerned. She just naturally assumed that he was just a very private person. However, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her manager would turn out to be a cold hearted mass murderer.
Yet, cold hearted is exactly what he was. The following is from a newspaper report regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) proceedings. These proceeding were held in front of a Judge in order to determine whether or not former ANC Terrorists could be granted Amnesty for their crimes.


Pretoria — A Johannesburg woman who lost an eye because of a 1987 car bomb blast was little impressed yesterday with the demeanour of the culprit.
“He looks much to happy, as if this is just one big joke,” said Alta Klaasen, 30…
Klaasen said: “I have been waiting for years to see him again, but there is no sign of remorse. He made no attempt at all to apologise to me”.
During his Testimony, Grosskopf said he saw a soldier talking to a young woman shortly before he set the time switches for the bomb to go off. 
“I was that woman,” Klassen said. “I distinctly recall him sitting in his car on the street corner, staring at me”.
In 2004 Grosskopf asked Jacky to go away on a course with him to which Jacky agreed. However, when a case supervisor asked if ‘Sue’ was going, Sue replied that she knew nothing about it and hadn’t been asked. The Supervisor obviously perplexed as to why she hadn’t been invited immediately made arrangements for her to go… Quite obvious then, what the terrorists intentions were.
It was on this course, that Jacky first began to have real concerns about Grosskopff. The following are direct quotes from her witness statement.
When Hein arrived the next day, and throughout the conference, I noticed that Hein wasn’t connecting with the other delegates and seemed unable to interact with other people. I noticed that he seemed to be getting very strange looks from others.
Without going into details about his behaviour, I began to feel more and more uneasy around him and, by the end of the 4 days, a little afraid of him…
One of my cases is a young girl from  a South African family. Hein told me that he would not be supervising me in this work, and that the family should not know his name or see his face, as they would know him from South Africa where he had been a member of the ANC.
After this revelation Jacky, Sue and the other witness did some digging and discovered the true nature of their manager.
They then reported their findings to the GSCC. Grosskopf was subsequently suspended and a major investigation was launched. Initially, the women were granted ‘Vulnerable Witness’ status. Despite this, the women were subjected to a 10 month bullying campaign by their managers Marcus Erooga, and Gorden Ratcliffe.
I can confirm that both were subsequently due to be struck off the GSCC social care register. However,10 months into the investigation the women’s Vulnerable witness status was removed and the cases dropped. Grosskopf was reinstated and allowed to read all of the witness statements, meaning he knew exactly what the women had said about him.
The rest is dealt with in ‘Do what son’ so I will not repeat it here. However, the following is what Sue had to say on the matter once that article was released:
This is one hell of a cover up at senior levels within the media, NSPCC and government.
What chance do vulnerable children have in trying to report being abused by high profile predatory paedophiles when they come up against that same “very powerful machine?”
Are we to believe that the NSPCC ‘help lines’ didn’t receive any calls reporting concerns or abuse in relation to Savile over the last several decades?

A lot of well-meaning people donate their cash to the NSPCC and they need to be better informed about this organisation. I notice other serious concerns about the NSPCC being raised on you Facebook page and I wonder if there is some way of collating the concerns and use #NSPCCFAIL on twitter to start it to trend?
Pausing there a minute. A lot of people do donate their cash. This is evidence by the screen print below which was taken by me just an hour or so ago. As you will see the ‘charity’ have had a £486.85 donation given to them by ‘Give a car’.
Give a car’ say donate your car to charity and make use of their free disposal service. Since I have never heard of anyone receiving such a precise amount for the sale of a car, it would appear that someone isn’t being entirely honest. But I digress.
Give a Car then say that, that takes the tally of donations they have given the NSPCC to a total amount of £20,877. So presumably the total was £20390.15 before this new donation… Stop it Spivey.
The NSPCC also urge you to grass on child abusers. If a child is really being abused then by all means report it.  However, you have to shake your head at the mentality of some people. Take for instance the next message down on the print screen taken from the NSPCC’s Facebook page.
Some bird is trying to report a case of child abuse perpetrated by someone stood in a queue next to her. Is she for fucking real? This isn’t a fucking game. She is messing with someone’s life. We all know the social services take kids away at the drop of a hat. I mean, what kind of child abuse can be taking place in a fucking queue of people.
Give me fucking strength, I really feel that I am living in a land of idiotic, brain dead, thoughtless twats. Even if people in the queue had been too spineless to intervene they would surely have called the Police.Not the fucking NSPCC. Worse still, some old slapper replies saying how awful and that she will save the number two… Just in case you understand. What the fuck is going on people? Rant over, back to sue:

Aside from donations, the NSPCC receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations. This is quite bizarre as the NSPCC don’t carry out statutory child protection investigations, they simply refer information on to the police and social services and it’s they who carry out the statutory duty i.e. the investigation. It becomes increasingly bizarre at such times of austerity…….. Why does the government pay the NSPCC every year for having the power to be able to do something even though they don’t actually do it, rather they pass it on to the public services that are annually having funding cuts?
Pausing again briefly. Did you get that? The NSPCC “receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations. This is quite bizarre as the NSPCC don’t carry out statutory child protection investigations, they simply refer information on to the police and social services and it’s they who carry out the statutory duty i.e. the investigation”.
Once again, I have taken a print screen from the NSPCC FB page to evidence this:

So, like Sue says, in these times of austerity the NSPCC is still receiving your money for a job that they don’t do. A bit like our thieving bastard MP’s then. Back to Sue:

In addition to the above mentioned income the NSPCC also receives the majority share of National Lottery Grant funding.
It’s a given that he who pays the piper calls the tune. So what happens when it’s one of the hands that feed ‘the powerful machine’ implicated in abusing children?

Peter Mandelson is vice chairman of the NSPCC. If it’s right that he was caught purchasing child pornography in 2002 by Operation Ore and was protected by Tony Blair who issued a D notice to protect him from prosecution, then the implications simply beggar belief. Kind of like asking chickens to report any concerns about foxes to ……….. well, the vice chairman of foxes. As a nation do we not have any say in getting these D notices revoked in the interest of the safety and protection of our children?
He was caught doing a lot worse than that Sue. Again, what the fuck is going on here people?
Absolute fucking madness. Right, moving on to the other bits of news that I mentioned earlier. The following is  courtesy of Jane Russell.
1/ The NSPCC, an organisation that alleges to protect children from abuse – but couldn’t spot Britains biggest paedophile, Jimmy Savile, who also championed the cause and gave them lots of big fat cheques? Hmmm really?
2/ SAFF warned the NSPCC about paedophiles in the church back in 1991, but “the NSPCC wouldn’t listen”
3/ Dame Mary Marsh, ex chief exec of the NSPCC is the founding Director of ‘Common purpose’ an organisation that many people allege is ‘cult’ or ‘quasi masonic nexus’.
Okay, turning now to my spat with Tom Watson MP on Twitter last night. I should tell you that I am relatively new to Twitter and do not go on there that much. However, while having a quick butchers last night, I spotted a tweet to some one, from Watson which said something along the lines of  ”I didn’t reply to him because he was rude”. Don’t ask me how, but I instinctively knew it was in reference to me. From this point onwards, I will let the print screens do most of the talking.

I think that kinda shows the man up for what he is. He says he has a right to be busy. So how busy was he after I had finished with him? Oh yeah, he was busy making horse meat jokes and getting all outraged. What a fucking false prat that cunt is.

Lets go to war.

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49 Responses

  1. Stephen Gash Says:
    Tom “pizza wheel” Watson. Just another self-aggrandising posturing politician. These inquiries led by the likes of Vaz and Hodge are piano wire-worthy.
  2. fungasdabogeyman Says:
    Chris, me and many others love your work and passion. Its truly inspiring. I aint religious but pray to whoever the fuck might be listening for your safety. Stay funky.
  3. james Says:
    Good man just keep exposing these lying creeps – they need bringing down big style as soon as possible. Anyone in public office like this needs bringing to e=heel asap they are a danger to the public at large
  4. Amy Says:
    ;-) ))))) brilliant.
  5. Jozza Says:
    I’ve also read that Tom Watson is a common purpose graduate. Went off him when he was promoting hacked off on his blog. I did email to ask why he was promoting a common purpose led group, my post never appeared. It would certainly appear that Tom is a major player I this propaganda game. Would we have had Levenson enquiry without Tom, which as we know has brought in even more controlled press?, doubt it very much. Chris, you are my hero!, you are a true, real , wonderful human being, appreciate everything you a doing from the bottom of my heart xxx
  6. Matt Taylor Says:
    I love you too Mr Spivey and will be right beside you….
  7. tony Says:
    ive had all kinds of fuckery trying to get on to your blog and facebook page just in the last 10 minutes. screen rolling and flickering. very stange! you are obviously upsetting a lot of people and i love you for it. chris you are a fucking legend.
  8. Excellent. Watson was just a blocker. ‘Keep quiet while the police take care of it’ my arse!
    Though it’s slightly off topic, try twittering your MP and finding out why your water supply is being Fluoridated. Deafening silence…
  9. Pauline Says:
    Wonderful truthful site,where else on the net can we read truth as found on your site,please,please keep on with the truth.
    Love and enjoy reading this site,apolgies though, I do sometimes get wound up when reading your wonderful truth telling site,and put angry replies but cant help it where dear little innocent children are involved,with all these evil vile monsters walking our land and stalking our dear little children .
    Keep up the wonderful good work ,and keep exposing the ******** scum,we all need to know the truth,you are a wonderful good caring man
  10. John Says:
    Chris-it looks like they’ll be monitoring you even closer, as if they hadn’t been spying on you (and ALL the rest of of us!) all along, without any LEGAL warrants:
  11. Freddy Duder Says:
    Though I think there is certainly something heinous happening, looking at the bigger picture, seems that your timing might have been a bit insensitive… doubtless there are good people within the NSPCC and whilst appeals are being made for witnesses, an air of trust is necessary. Bad PR at that moment would be a real spanner in the works~ it’s shite that so much of the world rotates around PR, but much like the Machiavellian antics of Mcalpine, sometimes you have to spin it to win it.
    The issues you’ve raised regarding Hein G definitely need further investigation, but potentially, you could be jeopardizing the evidence which would bring the VIP scum to justice… we all have every right to be cynical, but too much cynicism ends in a divide and conquer scenario; excellent work for uncovering all this, but don’t blow your own side up with untested weapons. Keep up the good work, but easy with the bovver boots. Seems to me Tom Watson has some big old balls for airing this in Parliament and much of the dirt revealed in the subsequent months would’ve lain buried if it wasn’t for his intervention… he may be far from perfect, but that doesn’t make him the baddy.
  12. Nik Says:
    Chris ;)
    Thank you for looking into the truth and telling us all about it so we can pass it on and wake every fucker else up!
    I am waking people up night and day like a noisy annoying bastard in the morning. Ha! ;)
    I even woke up the lovely woman from the council when I rang to pay my council tax bill and her pc froze, so I thought I’d ask if she’s heard of Chris Spivey while we wait! She has now!!! :)
    Your articles are causing great debates with me and my friends and as long as they’re my friends I will continue to wake them the fuck up.
    When I posted the Hollie Grieg case on all my Scottish school friends wall, FB banned me from posting anything for two days. Said I was ‘moving too fast’ . Well I aint slowing down!!
    We’re all supporting you Christopher and Carl!!! ;)
    Lots of love
    Nik xxxx
  13. Keith Thomas Says:
    Well done Chris, keep at the bastards and watch your back. And I am sure that God forbid anything happens to you all your supporters will indeed “dig deep in there pockets” I know I will.
    Much love, Keith.
  14. Dave Bradley Says:
    Fucking Hell Chris, I salute you for your work. I wonder what Jack Strawinski will say when I confront him with the information that you have provided? After all the bastard must have been aware (if not complicit) in moving BigHead from one Lancashire town that was and is well known for grooming gangs to another one that is.
    It’s a big fucking machine that needs decomissioning, I reckon the least I can do is to throw the spanners into the works alongside you and hope and pray that others wake up and start chucking them as well.
    BTW Jacko and the family courts! Bill Maloney was on the case Google Medolmsy heroes. I have a video where Bill confronts Harmmen, its 44 meg but if its of use I will get it to you.
  15. Munch Says:
    Chris – It’s fantastic what you have achieved so far, what about getting a daily radio show out ? like Alex Jones without the rampant religion
  16. ingo Says:
    I’m sure they’re desperately looking for something to pin on you. It’s their standard procedure and it has to be something that cannot be topped by anything – or at least they think it can’t – and so I would expect …….. let me think ……..anti-Semite! ……. Nazi! ………. or german agent!
    It could help to mention “6 million” a few times in the nearer future and donate a few bucks for handicapped and homeless Auschwitz-Survivors. :)
    (They must think we are all idiots ……. are we?)
  17. carl Says:
    We’re looking into Radio but obviously both Chris and I have to live and we would have align a schedule etc.,
  18. truth will out Says:
    all i can say is i am glad their is spivey and others out there with the balls to expose these bastards and to think i was giving these fuckers my good money thinking it was helping kids not helping sick fucking scum take the piss even more who the fuck can we trust anymore? enough is enough but i guess the british bullshiting cunts aka bbc wont be divulging any of this stuff where do we go from here peados investigating peados the worlds gone fucking mad and there seems sod all we can do about it i know what i would like to do but if i said it my door would be kicked in and i would either be taizered to fuck or shot in the head whilst evading capture this has to stop and to use their on synical words full fucking stop
  19. Thank you Chris.
    There are many out there, but not many like you who are willing to put their life on the line for a cause that seems to be greatly ignored.
    The Mainstream media ignore it, in the main, and we sorta know why; FEAR or they are involved, we will get to them later.
    And then there are the PEOPLE of this country, this one worries me, they seem to be ignoring what is going on, not like you, I would like to include myself but I am not in your league, I do get the info out but that’s is all I do, embarrassingly.
    The people of this country should be out in the streets with their pitchforks and demanding that the government be abolished and that all the info the police have be thoroughly investigated and those found to be involved – PROSECUTED.
    They [the people] aren’t, and all I can say of this is that those who are just ignoring this issue are just as bad as the perpetrators.
    However, that said I would like to thank you, not for myself but for my grandchildren and their children. What you are doing is NOT just important it is CRUCIAL to the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS yet to come.
    You are not a brave man you are a warrior and warriors do things that need to be done because they need to be done where lesser mortals will not do them.
    Namaste, rev phil;
    I don’t mind this last bit being published but if you wish cut it out – it is for you.
    The trolls often try to infiltrate but are always found out, let’s say no more ;-)
    Just so you are clear, If the Shit really hits the fan and you need somewhere / one, there are many camps / places around the country that you can go and be safe and at the same time be active in what you are doing. A nod is all one needs. I am sure you can look after yourself but the info you are getting out will not get out if you are harmed in anyway, there are places you can go to keep up the pressure and not be interfered with. WE are THOUSANDS (Legion), if not more.
  20. nina Says:
    Thank you for exposing these bastards for what they are. Stay strong , stay safe XXX
  21. mushroom77 Says:
    balls like melons mate.
  22. Liz727 Says:
    Freddy Duder, a most considered comment.
  23. Decency Says:
    Terrorist/Murderers Deserve Capital Punishment Pure and Simple
    I have Next to No Faith in many Politicians
  24. simian Says:
    I’ve been thinking about the mortal Mr Spivey since the first cyber attack and it concerns me that as good as it is, this is just a one man show. No insult intended Chris. We don’t have to go to war, we are already at war. Whilst you are a courageeous warrior Chris you can’t win it on your own. My question to everyone else out there, including the appreciative commentators hereon, is what are YOU doing? No insult intended. I frequently ask myself what is my contribution and is it enough? My answer is ‘no’ every time. Will I be able to be there for you Chris? I honestly don’t know, but I hope to one day look you in the eye before they kill us all and and smile knowingly that it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees…
  25. So Chris, should I post congratulations on your politically incorrect, entertaining, informative and indeed, often well crafted articles, I am risking being noted and counted as a potential agitator? Oh well, either you go with the flow of LOVE > FEAR or you don’t. I’m going with the flow!
    For your entertainment: The Rude Word Painting:
    Freedom of expression? Yeah!
  26. Sue Says:
    This is one hell of a cover up at senior levels within the media, NSPCC and government.
    What chance do vulnerable children have in trying to report being abused by high profile predatory paedophiles when they come up against that same “very powerful machine?”
    Are we to believe that the NSPCC ‘help lines’ didn’t receive any calls reporting concerns or abuse in relation to Savile over the last several decades?
    A lot of well-meaning people donate their cash to the NSPCC and they need to be better informed about this organisation. I notice other serious concerns about the NSPCC being raised on you Facebook page and I wonder if there is some way of collating the concerns and use #NSPCCFAIL on twitter to start it to trend?
    Aside from donations, the NSPCC receives government funding for having powers to carry out statutory duties, i.e. statutory child protection investigations. This is quite bizarre as the NSPCC don’t carry out statutory child protection investigations, they simply refer information on to the police and social services and it’s they who carry out the statutory duty i.e. the investigation. It becomes increasingly bizarre at such times of austerity…….. Why does the government pay the NSPCC every year for having the power to be able to do something even though they don’t actually do it, rather they pass it on to the public services that are annually having funding cuts?
    In addition to the above mentioned income the NSPCC also receives the majority share of National Lottery Grant funding.
    It’s a given that he who pays the piper calls the tune. So what happens when it’s one of the hands that feed ‘the powerful machine’ implicated in abusing children?
    Peter Mandelson is vice chairman of the NSPCC. If it’s right that he was caught purchasing child pornography in 2002 by Operation Ore and was protected by Tony Blair who issued a D notice to protect him from prosecution, then the implications simply beggar belief. Kind of like asking chickens to report any concerns about foxes to ……….. well, the vice chairman of foxes. As a nation do we not have any say in getting these D notices revoked in the interest of the safety and protection of our children?
  27. carl Says:
    “it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees…”
    Ditto :D
  28. wendy Says:
    we must stand together and stop then from killing masses of fellow humans, but they are few we are meney.if we stand together with we can conker them.i have woken from there trance and its so plain to see whats going on !!
  29. wendy Says:
    i think politcions are reptiles in suits!!!!!!!
  30. [...] Read more … [...]
  31. Outlaw Says:
    The longer the snowball rolls the bigger it becomes… Keep on rolling Chris, we are here to help push you up those hills…. :-)
  32. Jan & Paul Says:
    Dear Chris
    Thank you for making us aware of so many things that we were oblivious too!!! We have worked for 33 years paying our dues without question (more fool us) we have now woken up and given up our jobs in order to find a way to help other people (still working on how) you have our 100% support and if you or your familiy need support we will be there, if you need somewhere to stay or work please let us know, all our thoughts Paul and Jan
  33. Have no doubt where Watsons loyalties lie. With the Labour party, and the political class, which sums him up really.
    At least one person in this thread has fallen for the old ‘Tom can’t jeapordise the investigation’ line.
    Anyone with eyes can see the cover-up continuing, and trusting the same people and establishments who have overseen cover-ups and often perpetrated and/or staged the crimes is ridiculous.
    Don’t trust Labour apparatchiks with your support, or their mouthpieces in the Media. They’ll try scoring cheap points with other peoples research (who actually give a fuck) and try and milk the public sympathy for all it’s worth till they’ve drowned the issue and they can move on. Nothing to see here.
    You’ll notice they often have a book to plug to coincide with their revelations.
    Tom Watson had me suspended from Twitter for his tag being in a tweet where i mentioned his 150k expenses con of the british public!
    Man of the people? You must be fucking joking
  34. bobchewie Says:
    Priest tony mcsweeney nicked for guest house child abuse
  35. bobchewie Says:
    Apologies for off topic here. But since Boris has threatened to close London fire stations there is speculation this service may get privatised. So next I am reading in the mirror that exactly that may happen. I checked the G4S website and guess what? Hel these useless clowns just happen to run fire services as part of their package.
    So you can see where this will go. Pay up or have your house burnt down.
    Already crapita have taken over the fire training college
    Talking of crapita.. they will be running the social fund. Thats the place where you apply for crisis loans when you are destitute. And how will it be run? Well you know atos wca assessments? Yep just like that. So imagine you are severely ill and you get atos wca assessment then found fit for work so you put in appeal and wait so as you are skint you apply for crisis loan from social fund then get assessed by crapita then get turned down as you are deemed not starving enough so put in appeal and wait .by which time you could either croak or starve..
    Oh and don’t set fire to your house as you couldn’t afford to get the fire service to put it out as you.are skint and ill. Welcome to corporate Britain.
  36. Lost In space Says:
    Http:// for decent radio archiving, scheduling and broadcast, free, and say : captain? I said wot? to the Sensible one from me!
  37. bobchewie Says:
    Music student took own life followin sex abuse trial..
    Read and be upset..
  38. Grant Says:
    Don’t trust politicians. They are all “in it together”. Open your eyes, your ears, and your minds to the real world and stand up and be counted.
    There will come a time in the near future when we get the chance to change this fucked up planet. Be ready!
    Keep fighting the good fight, Chris. You’re a bloody legend.
  39. bobchewie Says:
    A much more detailed report with details about the victims and tragic consequences of the elm guest house.
    FYI in the righton case I see funny grunt bottomly name which might explain peters name on the list. Let’s not forget she is connected to jezza hunt.
  40. carl Says:
    :( This is fucking tragic, so sad.
    There are many that go the same way, they call the rest of us survivors – we’re not, we are still abused children and I don;t expect many to get that except perhaps the abused.
    Fortunately I did not have to give evidence in a Court, being interviewed by two burly male Police officers was intimidating enough.
  41. Decency Says:
    The State of the UK is a Horror Story a Real Life One
    Public are as Responsible as the Grin Faces of Westminster
  42. David Mccann Says:
    I had to stop for a moment, thought I was reading my own writing!! Quailty blog!!
  43. Chris I have known for more then 25 years that the CID in scotland yard had all of the info on Jimmy Savile and ???????? i cannot name other one, but i was told these 2 guys raise millions of pounds for the top charities, when they are dead then truth will come out, one is dead lets wait for the other, he is still raising millions for the big charities who have a turn over of millions a year by stealing the kids to be abused.
  44. carl Says:
    Shared your link Children Screaming to be Heard on Facebook Maggie hope that’s ok>
  45. Traveller Says:
    Again, Chris: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Your research is impeccable. Well done to you. Your articles are being circulated around the globe. Please stay safe … the planet needs you more than ever!
  46. Don Says:
    Chris your articles simultaneously make me laugh out loud while internally wishing I could cry. It’s nice to see self important MP’s exposed for the useless parasitic wankers that they are. I also glean much important info from your posts, and much inspiration.
    “I tell you what though, if everyone could have a job like our Politicians there would be zero unemployment and no poverty.”
    Amen to that matey.
  47. TONY ROMA Says:
    all in the eyes.
    look deep into the eyes.
    ignore the trendy michael caine specs.
    look into the eyes.
    empty like two piss holes in the snow.
    billy bunter on a very long gravy train.
    common purpose sleeper agent only cover rice paper deep.
    another chatham house roth shield scum bag.
    look out for watson and rory stewart empty suits being groomed for a little pretend power.
    watson using kids for political gain is a kind of paedo rape in itself.
    burger man is turning into nicolas soames.
    what a racket
  48. Sue Says:
    To reply to Dave Bradley comment 14.
    Both Blackpool and Blackburn are unitary authorities and both Councils and Childrens Services Departments were notified of the concerns and sent documenting evidence. (At the time the NSPCC were emphatically stating to the whistle blowers that they didn’t consider NSPCC services to be compromised in any way and that they didn’t see any problem with either employing Hein Grosskopf, promoting him or allowing him to sit on domestic violence forums.)
    The people of Blackburn raised the money to buy the building for the NSPCC. Blackpool Council gave the NSPCC the use of a council building for the Acorn Centre. Both Councils had service level agreements with the NSPCC. Blackpool Council were giving them in the region of £20,000 per year, for many many years even during periods when the project had no staff.
    There was a resounding silence from both Councils and business as usual, apart from Blackpool removing from the internet copies of minutes of Childrens Services Management Meetings which of course documented Hein Grosskoopf as Manager of The Acorn Centre.
    The NSPCC evidenced their power to silence local and national government, local and national press, the BBC and two national regulating bodies.
    Why? What are the implications for child protection?
  49. Decency Says:
    Not Content with Undermining the Traditional Definition of Marriage it Seems
    that Shower in the House of Commons May Well Vote like Feckless Sheep to
    make Compulsory Sex Education in Primary Schools
    Decent People should Resolutely Oppose This and All Promotion of
    ” Innocence Destruction ”
    To Undermine Childhood as a Time of Innocence is to Undermine Morality
    and thus Decency
    I will Never Vote For any Party which Endorses this Destruction of Innocence
    and Morality