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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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22 March 2013 11:58 PM

The New Soviet Union: Cyprus shows how the EU destroys democracy

Here is my Saturday Essay in the Irish Daily Mail. It is a lengthy piece, but then in the countries caught in the eurozone, interest in what is happening in Cyprus is intense. British readers can be happy they are not trapped in the single currency. But they are still trapped in the EU...which is why they may want to read on.
Soviet state emblem wikiBefore I can explain what this Cyprus crisis means to Ireland, I have to dust off some Soviet-era vocabulary: nothing else will do.
First, nomenklatura. This was the name given to the self-propagating Communist Party elite who controlled Soviet government, industry, finance and most of the caviar.
Next, apparatchiks. These were the unquestioning loyal subordinates of a Communistapparat or administrative system.
As for other words from the USSR era – transnational, class betrayal and colonialism – you already know those, so now I can get started and explain what Ireland must learn from what the European Union nomenklatura did to Cyprus and its president in the early hours of March 16th.
Picture the scene. We can do that because three reporters from the Wall Street Journal, one in Brussels, the others in Berlin and Nicosia, have managed to piece together an hour by hour account of events leading up to the announcement that eurozone finance ministers would force the Cypriot government to confiscate €5.8bn from bank deposits.
What has happened since that night remain other issues: the rush to Moscow by the Cypriot finance minister desperate for a loan, the attempts by Cypriots to find a Plan B, the possibility of Cyprus leaving the euro.
But above all, there is what happened over the night of the 15th on the sealed-off upper    floors of the European Council building. It was the best illustration yet of why a former senior European Commission economist now refers to the EU as the New Soviet Union: the treatment of the President of Cyprus that night showed just how the power over the member states has shifted away from democratic control and into the hands of the unelected elite of a transnational European empire. And what happened to the Cypriot president that night could happen to any Taoiseach.
Berlin propaganda
So, as I say, picture the scene. That night there were ten hours of negotiations trying to put together a deal that would keep the banks in Cyprus solvent. What the Cypriot banks needed was €17.5bn. But the Germans were unwilling to allow such a bail-out. Already the Berlin propaganda machine had been pumping out stories that the Cypriot banks were stuffed with Russian hot money, and decent Germans were not going to protect the deposits of Russian oligarchs.
Which was racial stereotyping by the Germans. There's plenty of legit Russian businessmen in Euro burning dmEurope. A lot of such businessmen may have shifted their money into Cyprus to get it away from banks controlled by Putin and Medvedev. Such businessmen clearly thought that EU banking played straight. Now they know different. But that is another story with other implications for how investors from outside the EU will now regard the safety of eurozone banks, including Irish banks.
It also has implications for anyone in the EU who thought that the EU law forcing all member states to guarantee bank deposits up to €100,000 meant something.
This week some of us sat in the press room at the European Commission and listened to Olli Rehn’s apparatchiks deny that confiscation of a percentage of Cypriot bank deposits under 100k was in breach of this legal guarantee. They insisted that this wasn’t confiscation, it was a tax. Since taxes are the ‘competence’ of member states, it didn’t breach the law.
The apparatchiks insisted that, anyway, this was a one-off because the case of Cyprus was ‘special.’ By last Wednesday night however, news had leaked out that the Spanish government now plans to ‘tax’ bank deposits by up to 0.2 percent. You might say that’s not much. But whether it is 0.2 percent or 20 percent doesn’t matter. The precedent of raiding bank deposits with the Troika’s blessing has been set.
Cypriot president alone
Back to the move against Cyprus. It started on the Friday evening when Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the eurogroup, called an emergency meeting after the European summit. According to the Journal, ‘Just after 5 p.m., finance ministers, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, ECB executive board member Jorg Asmussen and the EU’s economic-affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, filed into a meeting room on the fifth floor of the Justus Lipsius, which houses the EU’s ministerial meetings and summits.’
Now, this is significant: ‘Cyprus’s newly elected President Nicos Anastasiades stayed behind in the country’s delegation on the seventh floor.’ The democratically-elected president was not allowed in the room as the unelected Olli Rehn began with his plans for how to get €5.8bn out of Cypriot bank depositors.
Mr Rehn wanted a straight ‘haircut’ on all deposits in all banks. But then Christine Lagarde said they must gouge between 30 percent and 40 percent from all deposits over €100,000 in the two main Cypriot banks.
Congo wikiThe horrified Cypriot finance minister said this couldn’t happen. He began the first of several scrambles upstairs to where President Anastasiades was being kept in isolation. Of course he was. This is how an empire treats uncooperative colonial natives. In the 19th century, Belgian colonial gang-masters would lock Congolese wives alone in windowless sheds until their husbands harvested the right amount of rubber.
In the end, as a representative of Mr Anastasiades told the German newspaper Bild, ‘the Germans held a gun to our chest.’ It was at some time after a meeting of the inner core of the nomenklatura which began in another room at 1 a.m. that Mr Asmussen of the ECB pulled out the gun. He told Mr Anastasiades that either he agreed to the deal on bank deposits, or EU funds would be cut off to the country’s two main banks.
Just to ramp up the 3 a.m. terror, Mr Asmussen then rang Mario Draghi, president of the ECB, in front of Mr Anastasiades. The German warned Mr Draghi that the ECB might have to deal with the collapse of the Cypriot banks on Monday.
You know the rest. The eurogroup came out and announced that the Cypriot president had agreed that there would be a levy on all bank deposits.
Again, this is significant. The EU system of government operates by keeping in place the institutions of the governments over which it has taken power. The public had to be told that it was the president of Cyprus himself who had decided to seize deposits.
Power out of view
Two British historians, Christopher Booker and Richard North, identified this system in their history of the EU, The Great Deception: ‘It is central to the nature of the “project” that the parliaments, officials and judiciaries of each of the member states should all be left in place. But behind them [the project] erected a new supranational power structure which worked through these national institutions, controlling them and enlisting their active collaboration in a way that remained largely out of view.’
If you go through the statements of Monnet and other founders of the project as long ago as the 1920s, ‘the one thing above all the “project” could never be, because by definition it had never been intended to be, was in the remotest sense democratic. The whole purpose of a supranational body is to stand above the wishes of individual nations and peoples.'
It would be supranational government by technocrats, ‘unsullied by any need to resort to all the messy, unpredictable business of elections.’
‘The only useful role left to the politicians in this process was to lend it a veneer of democratic legitimacy.’
Which is why the nomenklatura were in such a fury when the Cypriot parliament refused to cast a single vote in favour of the deal: the members of parliament were not being ‘European.’ Indeed, in a top level conference call among eurozone officials on Wednesday – notes from which were leaked to Reuters – the Cypriot parliament’s democratic defiance was denigrated as ‘emotional.’
In fact, the parliament’s defiance was magnificent. But I did not cheer. I know that in the EU, a Yes vote is forever, but a No vote is only ever temporary. The Troika apparatchiks immediately delivered the message that the parliament must keep voting until they get the right answer.
This technique is familiar to anyone who remembers the politics of the USSR: vote all you want, but there is just one possible result.
I am not the only one to see that Soviet similarity. I go back to that former senior commission economist I mentioned at the top. He is Bernard Connolly. I have quoted before from the new edition of his book, The Rotten Heart of Europe.
Mr Connolly was infamously forced out of his job in 1995 when he wrote the book questioning the prospects of monetary union. From his vantage point as one of the nomenklatura, Mr Connolly saw the truth of the ambitions of this elite. They wanted ‘to complete the elimination of sovereignty, law and political legitimacy in Europe, freeing elites – a European nomenklatura – from any residual constraints either of democratic control or law.’
To do this, they have persuaded the ‘useful idiots’ across the member states to suppress the results of referenda and to topple democratically-elected governments ‘in manoeuvres reminiscent of Stalin’s tactics in Eastern Europe after the war.’
What Mr Connolly means, first, are the results of referenda not just in Ireland, but in the Netherlands and France. In 2001, the then-president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, and other members of the elite made a decision behind closed doors to draw up an EU constitution. They promised that it would not come into effect unless it had the unanimous consent of all member states.
Fifty ways to win
Within a single week in 2005, both the French and the Dutch voters rejected the constitution. Here is how Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party, recalled the moment in a recent interview in the Financial Times: He was drinking champagne in the Brussels press bar to celebrate the Dutch rejecting the EU constitution in a referendum when a German MEP came by and said, ‘You may have your little celebration tonight but we have 50 different ways to win.’
Indeed they have. By 2007 they had produced the Lisbon Treaty, which was the constitution in everything but the title on the front page. You know the rest: in 2008 the Irish people rejected the treaty. The nomenklatura rejected the democratic result.
In 2011 the nomenklatura pulled off two Soviet-style coups. They toppled the elected        Budapest 1956 wikigovernments of both Greece and Italy. It was Hungary 1956 without the tanks.
That year George Papandreou, then prime minister of Greece, announced he would hold a referendum on the further austerity demanded by the Troika. But the nomenklatura would not allow a democratic vote. They demanded Mr Papandreou abandon the referendum. The humiliated prime minister was forced to resign.
The Troika then manoeuvred in one of the nomenklatura, Lucas Papademos, former vice-president of the ECB, as prime minister.
The EU elite also toppled the government of Silvio Berlusconi. Following a secret telephone call – later leaked to the Press – Chancellor Merkel told President Giorgio Napolitano of Italy she was worried that Prime Minister Berlusconi wasn’t strong enough to deliver the kind of reforms in Italy that ‘Europe’ wanted. The old Communist Napolitano got the message. He destabilised the prime minister at home, while the ECB got busy rocking the market in Italian bonds. Mr Berlusconi was forced out of office, and President Napolitano parachuted in the unelected choice of the nomenklatura, again one of their own, former European Commissioner Mario Monti.
Would topple Ireland too
If you think the nomenklatura has not been willing to topple an Irish Government, remember the pressure Jean-Claude Trichet, then president of the ECB, put on Finance Minister Brian Lenihan to force him to accept a bailout against the wishes of the Irish people. The pressure was of course applied in secret, we learned about it only from letters and notes of telephone calls released last year.
Mr Trichet pushed Mr Lenihan to accept the terms being offered by the Troika, threatening that the ECB would otherwise cut all emergency funding: that would have toppled the Government.
The finance minister resisted. But he was finally pushed into the deadly deal after Patrick Honohan, governor of the Irish Central Bank, said publicly a bail-out was necessary. That statement finished Mr Lenihan.
What is important to note is the Dr Honohan, though always referred to in Ireland as the governor of our central bank, is something else in the EU. He is a member of the Governing Council of the ECB: that makes him a member of the European nomenklatura.
It is now clear the nomenklatura intend they should be without any constraints of democratic control. Mr Connolly notes that they have transferred powers to ‘unelected, unaccountable and explicitly anti-democratic bodies.’ These include the eurogroup, the ECB, the bail-out funds, in particular the new European Stability Mechanism, ‘which, astonishingly, has complete legal immunity for itself and its officers.’
He notes the undemocratic powers of the IMF and the G20. Then there are the banking and supervisory bodies, and the economic government of the euro area which is meant to ensure economic ‘discipline.'
This ‘discipline’ is why the democratically-elected members of our Dail must suffer the humiliation of knowing that a German parliamentary committee now sees our Budget before they do: the committee, free from Irish democratic control, acts for the nomenklatura.
On their trips to Brussels, the Taoiseach and Finance Minister pose as part of this ruling elite. If they were to put Ireland first it would be a class betrayal of their colleagues in the nomenklatura. Alas the Irish people are so submissive that they allow this evil idiocy by our Government.
But the Mediterranean peoples are not submissive. Judging by the mood of the peoples of    Lenin wikiCyprus, Greece and Italy in particular, they have had all the pain they can take. The crowds are already on the streets in their thousands. Now all they need are leaders.
Which is why Cyprus gives me hope. Like that old Soviet villain Lenin, I know that worse is better.

Mary Ellen Synon is based in Brussels as a columnist at the Irish Daily Mail and contributor to the Mail on Sunday.
At other times she has worked as: a columnist at the Irish Sunday Independent and the Sunday Business Post, Ireland correspondent and later Europe correspondent at the Economist, an associate producer at CBS News 60 Minutes based in London, and a reporter for the Daily Telegraph.
Early in her career she was awarded a travelling fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to allow her to study the Common Market.

Monday, March 25, 2013




"The Turks are interested in buying Israeli gas... 

"Any pipeline from Israel to Turkey would run through Cyprus," Israel's Haaretz reported.
Reportedly, the USA, Israel and the EU want Greek Cyprus to do the following:

1. Unite with Turkish Cyprus, thus ending its hostility to Turkey.

2. Allow Greek Cyprus's natural gas, and 'Israel's' natural gas, to be taken by pipeline, through Cyprus, to Turkey, and then onwards to Western Europe.
This would compete with pipelines from Russia.

3. Join NATO.
4. Hurt Russia financially.
5. Become a bigger market for German goods.
A country awash with theories.

Obama and his close friend Erdogan, prime minister of Turkey.

Turkey is, secretly, one of Israel's best friends.



Obama’s Grand Bargain? Israel Apologizes to Turkey, Promises Mavi Marmara Compensation

Global Research, March 24, 2013

In-depth Report: 

In a remarkable about-face after three years of adamant refusal, Bibi Netanyahu has apologized to Turkey’s premier for Israel’s 2010 massacre on the Mavi Marmara.  He’s also promised financial compensation to the families of the nine Turkish citizens murdered during the attack.  Reports also indicate an Israeli agreement to ease the Gaza blockade, though the provisions are uncertain.
This is such a strange and sudden development that it begs speculation about what caused it.  First, earlier refusals were grounded in Avigdor Lieberman’s rejection of an apology.  Given that Lieberman immediately attacked the apology, it seems he hasn’t changed his mind.  Contrition lies with Bibi.  Given that Pres. Obama left Israel today one can’t deny the critical role that he played in brokering the deal.
But given that Obama had tried and failed before, something more must’ve been offered to Bibi.  This is where I fear what transpired during this visit.  What could Obama offer Bibi that would move the latter from rejection to acceptance of a development that surely rankles the pride of any red-blooded Israeli nationalist.
Here is a perfect example of a tone-deaf Israeli journalist attempting to spin Netanyahu’s cave and turn it into a purely politically expedient act:
After three years in which relations between the two countries fell victim to internal politics and ego games disguised as national pride, unrest in Syria, Iran’s nuclear program and some U.S. pressure pushed the Israeli and Turkish PMs to make up.
A country which has still not given up on the disappearance and likely death of airman Ran Arad decades ago in Lebanon, and which obsessed for the five years of Gilad Shalit imprisonment, doesn’t have the right to minimize Turkish bitterness over the cold-blooded murder of nine of its citizens.  Anyone who can write what Barak Ravid wrote shows he has absolutely no understanding of the interests of Israel’s interlocutor, Turkey.  It’s really a shameful admission of journalistic ignorance.
Ravid dropped another howler into his piece in which he actually stated that Turkey’s leader would welcome a U.S. attack on Iran.   Considering that the two nations, until the Syrian civil war, were allies, makes Ravid’s claim close to to delusional.  Alas, this sort of wishful thinking is all too common among Israeli journalists and military strategists.
However, on the off-chance that this reconciliation between Israel and Turkey came with Erdogan’s acquiescence to an attack on Iran, then I’d take back everything I wrote in the paragraph above.  I find it impossible to believe that Erdogan would agree to such an attack on a former ally.
Given that Iran was at the top of the mutual Israeli-U.S. agenda on this trip.  And given that Bibi didn’t object when Obama told the world that Iran was at least a year away from the nuclear threshold, despite the fact that Bibi placed that date right around now when he broached the subject in his fall UN speech;  this leads to the sneaking suspicion that there was a Grand Bargain made that involved an American commitment to attack Iran with or without Israel in the coming year.
A deep irony in this development is that the Israeli apology involves its acceptance of the fact that its actions were egregious, unwarranted and illegal.  No nation apologizes and pays money when it has done nothing wrong.  Thus three years of Israeli whitewashes, fake reports, and lobbying in the international community for exoneration have ended in Israeli capitulation.  There will be those who argue that despite its apology, Israel has admitted nothing.  To which I respond, whether Israel admits it violated international law or not everyone will know as a result of this that it did precisely what it has denied for three years.  It murdered nine Turks with no justifiable reason for doing so.
The rapprochement may also have involved developments in Syria.  It’s possible that Obama is preparing to intervene in the civil war there and wants two critical frontline states sharing borders with Syria to be on the same page with him.  Israel has in the past few days floated the dubious claims that Assad used chemical weapons.  If this claim were accepted, it would pressure the U.S. into acting much more forcefully.  Obama may be trying to get out in front of such pressures.
Though I’m concerned about what form western intervention in Syrian affairs might take, I’m marginally more concerned about how an attack on Iran might play out.  In terms of regional stability, a military overthrow of Assad (à la Hussein) would be less destabilizing than a U.S.-Israeli attack against Iran.  Though it must be said that depending on the response, each development might be equally toxic.  If Obama is contemplating either eventuality he’s playing with fire.  This fire could burn just as destructively as it did for George Bush when he invaded Iraq.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, for us to resolve any problem, we have to ultimately get to the root cause.
We have to get into a surveyor-like mindset. Yes we recognise all the symptoms of the situation, but ultimately we need to uncover the causative problem.
Why does this problem keep re-occurring, again and again, year after year and decade after decade (century after century)?
Surely putting all our energy into the symptoms, will only superficially ‘sort’ the issue out. In some cases it will in fact aggravate the situation, because it will waste much needed resources and time which could be used in sourcing the root cause. It also runs the risk of giving people false hope, which becomes fatiguing when they find out their particular problem has bubbled up to the surface yet again.
The analogy I often give is in health, where even though people have switched to natural health, they still come at their problem from a conditioned allopathic mindset. They want some magic lotion or quick-fix therapy to ‘fix’ their suffering, without addressing the fundamentals why they have a condition in the first place. Every single health condition on this planet falls under a combination of these five elements: environmental ~energetic ~ physical/structural ~ fuel/nutrition ~ emotional/mind.
There are so many analogies one could provide about getting to the root cause. But this absolutely has to be our approach. We have to be mini-inspector Columbos, going beyond the superficial levels in our investigations.
So lets first look at these symptoms of this agenda. There are plenty of them and this is part of the problem, that we are overwhelmed by them all. They are coming at us hard n fast, both in terms of internet information overload and in real experiential evidence. This is what our adversaries are playing on, that if they throw enough at us, we will NEVER find the root cause – WHO is actually behind all of this.
Here are only some of the conditions of this agenda. I have split them into two groups – hard kill and soft kill:
Hard Kill
  • drone attacks
  • invasion/occupation of Middle East (countries which put up resistance to the IMF)
  • chemical/biological warfare
  • bombing, shooting, general destruction and killing
Soft Kill (foisted onto modern society as new-normals)
  • chemtrails
  • fluoridation of the water supply
  • lethal/toxic vaccines
  • drone surveillance
  • CCTV Big Brother surveillance
  • police state logistics
  • plastics as gene manipulation
  • sexual perversion, de-naturing sexuality
  • altering historical events and polluting education
  • intoxicants into society: drugs and alcohol
  • gambling into society
  • materialism/commercialism
These are the most obvious problems we are facing; but there are so many more and subdivisions of these too. So naturally our heads will be spinning. And whilst we are chasing our tails with this lot, the culprits tend to go unnoticed.
Like the inexperienced home-improver is too concerned with the damp patch on the wall, the motty smell, the ugly appearance in their living room. They are so desperate to get it sorted, they are not thinking straight and keep trying to address these obvious symptoms.
The same for anyone suffering with an acute pain – they are understandably so focused on the pain that it overrides their logic to really try to address deeper issues of why they have the pain in the first place.
That’s where we’re at. We are in pain, we are sick of this ugly damp patch in our lives. We are exhausted with this relentless unnecessary suffering. So we fire off attacking the superficial symptoms It’s those scummy politicians, it’s the bankers, it’s the freemasons, it’s the Jesuits, it’s the whites, it’s all those illegal immigrants and on and on and on we could go, hitting on the symptoms/problems/conditions – but NEVER the root cause.
So hadn’t we best pause, reflect and make the effort to really look at what this ROOT cause is.
Essentially what we need to ask ourselves is Who is behind all this carnage, the instigator of these symptoms? Cue bono? Who finances all of this? Who has a history of being accused of similar crimes? What is their CV? And who are these people?
Most of the readers of this blog will know who I’m talking about. THE JEWS.
But ………
This is where I become unpopular with many people in the Jew-wise community. Because I’m saying at a deeper level ‘the Jews’ are also just the symptoms of this agenda.
I see the ‘the Jews’ made up of a criminal network of Zionist Elite Organised Supremacists (ZEOS) are just the hosts for a dark entity. For a demonic force (satan/djinn/auras). This is a spiritual war and for us to address the deeper root causes of this messy business, we have to roll up our sleeves and delve into the esoteric realms. This is where the real battle is going on. Beyond matter – beyond the physical dimension.
For those that think all we need to do is round up those pesky Jews and job done, brush our hands and we can now go down the pub – they are deluded. They are ignorant of the bigger picture. This would NEVER get to the root cause, because ultimately this dark force would just convert to another host. It could be the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Christians or even the Truth movement – how about that.
This force, the darkness is omnipresent and potentially within us ALL. We all have elements of this darkness. It is because of these dark entities contained within us all that we are in this mess in the first place. So this is the ROOT cause of it all. IT’S US. We as individuals, collectively are the problem and therefore the SOLUTION.
The criminal ZEOS Jews are just an extreme version of this darkness, because they immerse themselves in this satanic ideology, with their rituals and occult doctrines (The Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah, even the Torah). Their numerology, symbology is all demonology so therefore they are playing into and magnetise this dark energy. They are almost trapped by it.
Taking this to a deeper level. The root cause of all of this mess as far as I can see at present is BS.
Body-consciousness Separatism
kWe all have fallen for this trap. We all think we are the body and not the soul. Even though many religions mention this, people in general have only grasped this at a dry academic level.
But for us to fully escape this nightmare of Maya (illusion) we have to immerse ourselves in this soul consciousness mindset. Really feel and experience it, really get it. That we are most definitely NOT (just) the body.
That is why ‘they’ or this force is constantly throwing images and perceptions at us to keep us trapped in BS. Glossy fashion magazines, sexual images, tempting desire-based imagery around the latest materialism and of course FEAR. This modern demonic materialistic existence is seeped in this BS.
Body-consciousness Separatism is our downfall. BS is the root cause of all of our ills. It is the NWO at it’s core. BS is all about ego, attachment, greed, lust/desire, and these deadly traits are all wrapped in our precious false IDENTITIES. I AM this and I AM that (IAMism). These artificial labels are just our identity crustaceans.
You are not old
You are not female
You are not brown
You are not Swedish
You are not a welder
You are not a Jew
You are not a grandfather
You are not disabled
You are not a white nationalist
You are not a Muslim
You are not even a Truther
That’s it!
That’s all you are, all you ever have been and all you ever will be. It’s that simple. This is your unchangeable permanent state. Your real ‘Self’. Anything else is just complicating things. It’s just unnecessary clutter in our lives. All these transient labels are mere mind shackles, which ‘this force’ is able to use as a weapon, a tool against us to keep us ALL (including the Jews) tied down – trapped inside the illusory world of matter Maya.
kAll these BS identities help keep us in this never-ending divisions…..therefore manipulated. And we keep falling for it, every single time. 
kTry hard to see your body simply as a spacesuit. A funny shaped, certain coloured spacesuit. To which you as a beautiful individual soul can only have this worldly experience in. Your body is just your earthly vehicle for you to have your worldly/spiritual journey.
kThis is the root cause of all of this NWO/JWO, therefore our solution. It is only through our complete understanding of this that we can use it as our key out of this prison hellhole, the magic digits for the security safe.
With any de-programming, we first have to recognise what our problems are and of course the root cause. Then we have to be realistic that it’s going to take some time for us to decondition, to move away from old habits, established mindsets. This is normal and natural.
But most importantly we need to have something else – something different to latch onto. This is where most people make the mistake when trying to force themselves off of bad habits. They are just using hardened will power alone and in most cases they keep falling back into the trap. Or even if they do manage to resist the temptations of old conditioning, the temptation never really leaves them.
But if we put all our attention (energy) on what we do want, on our goal, and really cling to this energy. Then off we go. We are taken off into another existence another persona. Our mind, body and spirit, our whole energy is swooped up into this new vibrant energy.
This is absolutely doable. I have witnessed mini-miracles of spiritual transformation in people. Which is truly breathtaking and absolutely inspirational.
Here are some excellent areas to help us really embrace soul consciousness and allow our conditioned (unnatural) state of Body-consciousness Separatism to fall away:
Immerse ourselves in true spiritual scripture, avoiding new age junk spirituality
Good association – begin to mix with like-minded spiritual souls and drift away from bad influences. Especially if you gain guidance from those who have made the BS to SC* transformation.
Become an actor – first just pretend to yourself on an academic level you understand it. This will open up a deeper more spiritual understanding at a later date.
Have trust in any project one needs intuitive faith at some level in what you are doing
Effort – we have to have the initial inertia. That oomph in us to make the effort to change, to make this spiritual transformation
Tenacity – if you fall off the wagon, so wot. Just get back on again. No one is going to knock you in the long run. Every black belt was once a white belt.
Enjoy the process. Embrace this experience. Use every incident good and bad in your new life as a spiritual opportunity. It’s all just a spiritual experience.
Help others – they say by teaching we learn. But I think it’s more accurate to say by sharing we learn about ourselves and gain more knowledge.
Good luck out there with your new life, your new outlook, in your new world of *Soul Consciousness.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Iraq After Ten Years

by Paul Craig Roberts
March 19, 2013. 

Ten years ago today the Bush regime invaded Iraq. It is known that the justification for the invasion was a packet of lies orchestrated by the neoconservative Bush regime in order to deceive the United Nations and the American people.

The US Secretary of State at that time, General Colin Powell, has expressed his regrets that he was used by the Bush regime to deceive the United Nations with fake intelligence that the Bush and Blair regimes knew to be fake. But the despicable presstitute media has not apologized to the American people for serving the corrupt Bush regime as its Ministry of Propaganda and Lies.

It is difficult to discern which is the most despicable, the corrupt Bush regime, the presstitutes that enabled it, or the corrupt Obama regime that refuses to prosecute the Bush regime for its unambiguous war crimes, crimes against the US Constitution, crimes against US statutory law, and crimes against humanity.

In his book, Cultures Of War, the distinguished historian John W. Dower observes that the concrete acts of war unleashed by the Japanese in the 20th century and the Bush imperial presidency in the 21st century “invite comparative analysis of outright war crimes like torture and other transgressions. Imperial Japan’s black deeds have left an indelible stain on the nation’s honor and good name, and it remains to be seen how lasting the damage to America’s reputation will be. In this regard, the Bush administration’s war planners are fortunate in having been able to evade formal and serious investigation remotely comparable to what the Allied powers pursued vis-a-vis Japan and Germany after World War II.”
Dower quotes Arthur Schlesinger Jr.: “The president [Bush] has adopted a policy of ‘anticipatory self-defense’ that is alarmingly similar to the policy that imperial Japan employed at Pearl Harbor on a date which, as an earlier American president said it would, lives in infamy. Franklin D. Roosevelt was right, but today it is we Americans who live in infamy.”

Americans paid an enormous sum of money for the shame of living in infamy. Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes calculated that the Iraq war cost US taxpayers $3,000 billion dollars. This estimate might turn out to be optimistic. The latest study concludes that the war could end up costing US taxpayers twice as much.

In order to pay for the profits that have flowed into the pockets of the US military-security complex and from there into political contributions, Americans are in danger of losing Social Security, Medicare, and the social cohesiveness that the social welfare system provides.

The human cost to Iraq of America’s infamy is extraordinary: 4.5 million displaced Iraqis, as many as 1 million dead civilians leaving widows and orphans, a professional class that has departed the country, an infrastructure in ruins, and social cohesion destroyed by the Sunni-Shia conflict that was ignited by Washington’s destruction of the Saddam Hussein government.
It is a sick joke that the United States government brought freedom and democracy to Iraq. What the Washington war criminals brought was death and the destruction of a country.

The US population, for the most part, seems quite at ease with the gratuitous destruction of Iraq and all that it entails: children without parents, wives without husbands, birth defects from “depleted” uranium, unsafe water, a country without hope mired in sectarian violence.

Washington’s puppet state governments in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Japan seem equally pleased with the victory – over what? What threat did the victory defeat? There was no threat. Weapons of mass destruction was a propaganda hoax. Mushroom clouds over American cities was fantasy propaganda. How ignorant do populations have to be to fall for such totally transparent propaganda? Is there no intelligence anywhere in the Western world?

At a recent conference the neoconservatives responsible for the deaths and ruined lives of millions and for the trillions of dollars that their wars piled on US national debt were unrepentant and full of self-justification. While Washington looks abroad for evil to slay, evil is concentrated in Washington itself.

The American war criminals walk about unmolested. They are paid large sums of money to make speeches about how Americans are bringing freedom and democracy to the world by invading, bombing and murdering people. The War Crimes Tribunal has not issued arrest warrants. The US Department of State, which is still hunting for Nazi war criminals, has not kidnapped the American ones and sent them to be tried at the Hague.

The Americans who suffered are the 4,801 troops who lost their lives, the thousands of troops who lost limbs and suffer from other permanent wounds, the tens of thousands who suffer from post-traumatic stress and from the remorse of killing innocent people, the families and friends of the American troops, and the broken marriages and single-parent children from the war stress.

Other Americans have suffered on the home front. Those whose moral conscience propelled them to protest the war were beaten and abused by police, investigated and harassed by the FBI, and put on no-fly lists. Some might actually be prosecuted. The Unites States has reached the point where any citizen who has a moral conscience is an enemy of the state. The persecution of Bradley Manning demonstrates this truth.

A case could be made that the historians’ comparison of the Bush regime with Japanese war criminals doesn’t go far enough. By this October 7, Washington will have been killing people, mainly women, children, and village elders, in Afghanistan for 12 years. No one knows why America has brought such destruction to the Afghan people. First the Soviets; then the Americans. What is the difference? When Obama came into the presidency, he admitted that no one knew what the US military mission was in Afghanistan. We still don’t know. The best guess is profits for the US armaments industry, power for the Homeland Security industry, and a police state for the insouciant US population.

Washington has left Libya in ruins and internal conflict. There is no government, but it is not libertarian nirvana.

The incessant illegal drone attacks on Pakistani civilians is radicalizing elements of Pakistan and provoking civil war against the Pakistani government, which is owned by Washington and permits Washington’s murder of its citizens in exchange for Washington’s money payments to the political elites who have sold out their country to Washington.

Washington has destabilized Syria and destroyed the peace that the Assad family had imposed on the Islamic sects. Syria seems fated to be reduced to ruins and permanent violence like Libya and Iraq.

Washington is at work killing people in Yemen.

As the video released to WikiLeaks by Bradley Manning shows, some US troops don’t care who they kill – journalists and civilians walking peacefully along a street, a father and his children who stop to help the wounded. As long as someone is killed, it doesn’t matter who.
Killing is winning.

The US invaded Somalia, has its French puppets militarily involved in Mali, and perhaps has Sudan in its crosshairs for drones and missiles.
Iran and Lebanon are designated as the next victims of Washington’s aggression.

Washington protects Israeli aggression against the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon from UN censure and from embargoes. Washington has arrested and imprisoned people who have sent aid to the Palestinian children. Gaza, declares Washington which regards itself as the only fount of truth, is ruled by Hamas, a terrorist organization according to Washington. Thus any aid to Gaza is aid to terrorism. Aide to starving and ill Palestinian children is support of terrorism. This is the logic of an inhumane war criminal state.

What is this aggression against Muslims about?

The Soviet Union collapsed and Washington needed a new enemy to keep the US military/security complex in power and profits. The neoconservatives, who totally dominated the Bush regime and might yet dominate the Obama regime declared Muslims in the Middle East to be the enemy. Against this make-believe “enemy,” the US launched wars of aggression that are war crimes under the US imposed Nuremberg standard that was applied to the defeated WWII Germans.

Although the British and French started World War II by declaring war on Germany, it was Germans, defeated by the Red Army, who were tried by Washington as war criminals for starting a war. A number of serious historians have reached the conclusion that America’s war crimes, with the fire-bombings of the civilian populations of Dresden and Tokyo and the gratuitous nuclear attacks on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are of the same cloth as the war crimes of Hitler and the Japanese.

The difference is that the winners paint the defeated in the blackest tones and themselves in high moral tones. Honest historians know that there is not much difference between US WWII war crimes and those of the Japanese and Germans. But the US was on the winning side.
By its gratuitous murder of Muslims in seven or eight countries, Washington has ignited a Muslim response: bitter hatred of the United States. This response is termed “terrorism” by Washington and the war against terrorism serves as a source of endless profits for the military complex and for a police state to “protect” Americans from terrorism, but not from the terrorism of their own government.

The bulk of the American population is too misinformed to catch on, and the few who do understand and are attempting to warn others will be silenced.

 The 21st century will be one of the worst centuries in human history. All over the Western world, liberty is dying.

The legacy of “the war on terror” is the death of liberty.
March 20, 2013

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House. Visit his website.
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