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as ek jou kry, slaat ek jou dood

Sunday, March 27, 2011


350 British special forces already deep inside Libya

By David Williams, Tim Shipman
Daily Mail
25th March 2011
African Union leader offers to mediate between rebels and Gaddafi
David Cameron says: ‘There’s no future for Libya with Gaddafi at the helm’
PM warns his supporters they ‘risk being found guilty of war crimes’
British Tornado aircraft launch fresh wave of attacks on Gaddafi’s forces
Bombing raids target military bases on outskirts of Tripoli
Squadron of SAS and SBS troops have been in country for a month
MoD has already spent nearly £30m on air operations and missile strikes
Footage of NATO planes destroying Libyan tanks has been released by the Ministry of Defence as the African Union intervenes in the crisis to mediate in a bid to prevent further bloodshed.
In a meeting between five African heads of State and Libyan representatives, the Union has agreed to act as mediators for any peace talks that take place between the government and the rebels.
The head of the Union, Jean Ping, said the talks were an attempt to ‘foster an exchange of views in order to take action on the situation in Libya and to seek the ways and means towards a swift solution to the crisis’.

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