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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

USA: Look Over There! Look Over There! Nothing to See Here... Look OVER THERE!!!

 by Scott Creighton

While most of the MSM focuses entirely on Japan or the drifting fallout, winds of CHANGE are blowing through the Obama administration who are definitely taking advantage of the distraction. The president has chosen this particular moment in time to take up the question of gun control in the wake of the shooting in Arizona which took place more than 2 months ago. Hillary Clinton has once again been pushing for the establishment of a no-fly zone and military intervention in Libyain a G-8 Summit meeting in Paris but several other leaders don't seem to want to help her and her CIA linked MI-6 "diplomats" overthrow the Gadhafi regime.  You will never see a better equipped and more violent group of "pro-democracy demonstrators" in the entire Middle Eastern uprising.  The Obama administration played down the violence against the protesters in Egypt and Tunisia and even called for the corrupt regimes there to remain while "modifications" to their rule were slowly worked out.  Those protesters had no heavy truck-mounted weapons, no MI-6 "advisers", and no offer from Israeli security companies to fund"separation forces".

While the Obama administration works hard to unseat Gadhafi because his forces are fighting back against the heavily armed insurgents in Libya, the peaceful protesters in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain are being slaughtered without so much as a peep coming from our Peace Prize "winning" president.

In Yemen the pro-western dictator of 30 years, President Saleh, is using poison gas and live rounds on his unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators to keep his hold on power. Hunt oil has a big pipeline deal in Yemen and lots of natural gas to steal from those poor people. The poisoned gas he is using is reported to have come from the U.S. and Britain.  But not a word from Obama the peace-maker.

In Bahrain, where a REAL pro-democracy movement is sweeping the nation, the pro-western dictator there is also cracking down on CHANGE in his country and they have brought in troops from another dictatorship favorable to the U.S.,Saudi Arabia, to help quell that peaceful yet massive uprising of people calling for democracy in their country (go here to watch a convoy of Saudi heavy weapons and tanks rolling into Bahrain to crush the pro-democracy movement).  And just like with Tunisia and Egypt, not a significant meaningful peep from President Peace Prize, much less a call for military intervention. Of course Saudi Arabia has plenty of time now since they already crushed their protests by locking up and disappearing thousands of their own citizens while Obama remained silent.

Let me show you with pictures what this really looks like, who is actually supported by the Obama administration and who isn't (these are in sequence and yes, the uprising in Yemen predates the revolution in Tunisia).....
Obama actually authorized 
cluster bomb cruise missile strikes on these guys in late 2009. 

Clinton saying how Mubarak was a friend of the Clintons?

What's good 
for the Saudi Royal Family is good for Barack. 

Freedom Fighters all over again.
It seems that there is a certain type of demonstrator the Obama regime wants to help in the Middle East. Can YOU see the difference?

Meanwhile in Wisconsin and Michigan and else-where across the U.S., the neoliberalization plan of America, our own "economic brick" like that dropped on the people of Chile on Sept. 11th 1973, continues unnoticed and uncondemned by Barack H. Obama and his neoliberal Clintonista "CHANGE™ "  regime.  The unions and the AG in Wisconsin are actually working together to stall the implementation of Gov. Walker's robber baron bill so that they can negotiate new deals before it takes place.  People are still fighting back and resisting the death of democracy here at home in the United States.

But don't pay any attention to that.

Go ahead and focus on drifting rads from Japan. Nothing to see here...

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