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Friday, December 16, 2011


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Naked Emperor at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(people question my optimism and no doubt my observations and associations as well, on occasion. Mostly, the people who come here are in the same groove but there are the obvious departures with things like the optimism and who the bad guys are. It could be that because I am unshakeable on both that that is the reason-grin- anyway we try to address at least the first one today.)

The rich are different than us. It never fails to amaze me how people with more than they need, or will ever spend, are so insecure and grasping for more and more, as if money will insulate them from the vicissitudes of life and the terrors of the unknown. As a matter of fact, it puts them right in the gun-sights of the cosmos. The money and wealth thing is an ancient dance with a timeless resolution. It's as problematic for those who possess it as it is for those who don't possess it. It affects everything about your life but it mostly affects what you put value on and that has a great deal to do with your character and fate. It's been said that the 'love' of money is the root of all evil. That means even if you don't have it, you can still be victimized by it. America is a capitalistic society. That means that inevitably at some point it will become fascist. Imperialism is an extension of this. All systems that proclaim personal liberty in their founding documents, invariably wind up as a tyranny.

When a system like this goes into decline, as it presently has, it begins to fall at a certain arc, which steepens as it goes, until eventually one gets the impression that it simply fell off a cliff. The culture in decline is like the season of Fall. At first the leaves are very colorful, as befits the decadent tone of incipient doom. Then the leaves all get brown and finally there are stark and bare trees because the winds come. It's like that. At the end time of this kind of society, it is rule by corporations, which is why the nine vultures on The Supreme Court ruled person-hood for corporations. The laws of the land are set according to the imperatives of the market place. They no longer have to do with fair judgments, as a non respecter of class differentials. The laws become a defense mechanism for the powerful and well to do and a club and chain link fence for the poor and middle class, whose status they are responsible for. Since they are in the minority, they need all the advantages they can get.

Members of The Tribe, now openly boast about their control of the populace and the fact that the majority never reads the alternative press but gets their information from the media that they have near total control over. They have their pawns in place, whom they put forth and caused to be elected because they own the currency printing press. Because of their control of Wall Street, they can make the economy yo-yo any time they want to and this is applied as a control mechanism as well; just as it was when they engineered The Great Depression. They controlled who got elected through a combination of things; electoral fraud, media disinfo and saturation, as well as lots of money. This way they can make the laws and set policy. They inform their elected stooges about who they want appointed to the courts and all other similar postings. They control general perception and the flow of events, including false flags, which are used to bolster the population's fears about an external enemy, who is also domestically based. It's a climate of suspicion, designed to divert the mind from what they themselves are doing.

The movement of the culture and the enforcement arm of corporate will, moves relentlessly from bad to worse. One could hardly be faulted for questioning my optimism. However, I see the seeds and signs of their downfall everywhere and I know that the cosmos has a cyclicity that is the centerpiece of its operative schematic. This I can see everywhere, directly in Nature and indirectly in the culture, where Nature has been adapted. This is a given for me. I've looked at it long and hard and... I believe deeply as well. There is an order to things. Possibly many cannot see this but for me it's hiding in plain sight all over the place.

There is a certain clownish buffoonery that comes about in the last stages of the end game, where overblown caricatures dominate the public viewing arenas. This is attended by, in your face criminality, by the forces of business and in the political realm as well. We see this in Mr. Corzine. People know that looting went on though they may not know who really did it and what the circumstances were. This is like unto AGI, only different (grin) and, of course, the same predatory agents are engaged in most questionable activities. The whole war on terror thing is to distract from the real terrorists and their daily looting and mass murder around the globe. Now they are going after Russia and one of their members, an oligarch, is intending to run against Putin. It's not rocket science; identifying who is doing what and where. The Newtwit has come out of the lowest popularity percentage to lead all candidates for the GOP nomination. Nothing in real time has changed. It's all a fabrication. It's all smoke and mirrors. Public perception will be shaped and electoral fraud will take care of the end process. Yet I am optimistic.

I am watching a cycle in operation. I am seeing the stages through which it moves and am noting the absurdity and living satire of the present state and as I never tire of saying; it's all for the purpose of demonstration. You are being shown. Perhaps you are not paying attention but your attention will be seized at the time intended for that to happen. We know that evil destroys itself. This destiny is built into the nature of it. Why should we expect a different outcome this time? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? No one has ever taken over the whole world. Alexander came close but no one has ever accomplished it and no one ever will. As Lao Tzu has stated, “The world is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes”.

What confuses people and compromises their optimism is the power of appearances at any stage of the game. It looks one way but it is, in essence, something else. Think about a man who on the surface seems well formed and impressive but whose bones are rotten and hollow. This is the case here. If there were any one thing that anyone should impress on their consciousness, so that it is an accepted truth that cannot be challenged, it is that 'appearances are deceiving'. The sole purpose of those manipulating appearances is deception; “By way of deception”?

Look at the uniformity of the universe. Look at the planets rotating around the sun. Look at the moon in the sky and its phases. Look at all of the circular states and conditions that are everywhere to be seen. Look at the tides. Look the seasonal migrations of the birds. The whole thing is like some gigantic multidimensional clock, which is more than a clock but it does keep time. This should be cause for optimism. Pull the curtain back from the wizard. Look closely at The Emperor. Observe The Mad Hatter's tea party. Look at allegory and the mathematical precision of the cosmos. Look at what makes your computer function, both electrically and in terms of the manner in which it presents and processes information. Look at the internet and think of global telepathy and resonance. Think of consciousness unifying and creating a dynamic of judgment that is an extension of group consciousness. Yes, the group consciousness has been hijacked but this is The Apocalypse.

Look at the pronouncements of all the greatest books ever written. They are all similar when they talk about conditions and where they lead. Meanwhile, the circus goes on and the carnival and the games of chance continue. Chance is not as random as it seems and luck is simply one of Nature's laws that is not properly understood. When we think of the laws of Nature, from which we adapt the powers and routines by which a society operates, we need to keep in mind that there are a great many laws that the majority of us are unaware of. The discovery of new laws are tied directly to major advances in the state of our existence. Some of us discover some of these laws by self introspection. “The proper study of mankind is man”; gnosti seauton. Those so engaged have reason to be optimistic. Those not so engaged have reason to be pessimistic. A simple adjustment in one's basic perspective, effects immediate change.

Most of all of these players on the grand stage of the moment are fools. They are ridiculous caricatures of themselves. Bill O'Reilly, with his umbrella, threatening to punch someone out is a bombastic and clueless embarrassment. We look at these talking heads and we assign importance to them because they have wide ranging face power. They make a lot of money. This pings on the subconscious and causes the masses to grant fealty. They are not important and they are nothing more than unamusing clowns. There is a reason for all of this reality TV that is not reality. There is a reason for all of the crazy and moronic spectacles of the moment. If you are treated as if you are stupid, you naturally accommodate to that subliminal invasion and act accordingly.

The whole gamut of the field of entertainment, music and the arts has been brought to its present state as evidence of something. This should be cause for optimism. The power within is greater than the power without. If the universe is behind you, nothing can be against you. The shadow, as has been said ad infinitum here, has only the power that you grant it. It is only a shadow. The hollow men are just that. Things can change in a twinkling and will at some point and then appearances will be redefined. The name Adam means, 'namer of things'. This is how you create your world and how it comes to be a prison in many cases. We have to name things correctly. We have to identify where the real power lies; not the appearance of power. We have to know the difference between shadow and substance. We have only ourselves to blame if we are seduced into believing what is not or ever will be true and “waking up is hard to do”.

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