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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Was Princess Diana MURDERED by British soldier? Metropolitan Police 'assessing credibility' of new claim made in court martial of SAS sniper Danny Nightingale

  • Police 'scoping information' and 'assessing its relevance and credibility'
  • The force has said it 'is not a re-investigation' into their deaths
  • Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul died in Paris crash in 1997
  • Inquest concluded in 2008 when jury returned verdict of unlawful killing

 I don't believe for one minute that Diana's death was an an accident. But neither do I expect the truth to come out during the natural lifespan if those responsible.
- lisa, Leeds, 17/8/2013 18:57                                                                                                              Click to rate     Rating   6403
I still believe Princess Diana was killed by the establishment..........there has been a huge cover up all the way.

The truth will never out no matter how hard anyone will try.

The truth will NEVER EVER come out, well not publicly. Anyone with a basic level of intelligence knows EXACTLY how Princess Diana died. I think they should leave things because it opens up wounds for her boys.

You will never be told the truth, because the truth, wold send shock waves through the establishment. Remember her fondly, but don't expect whatever is announced, to be reality.

IMO their deaths were orchestrated by people who will NEVER be held accountable and are, therefore, literally 'above the law'.

R.I.P Diana, gone but never forgotten..

I don't believe in any other conspiracies - but I do think she may have been killed by some group or other. I thought when she was interviewed the year before - the bashir one - you're saying way way too much - you'll be silenced because you threaten the monarchy. I remember my chin being on the floor. I appreciate she didn't appear to be wearing a seatbelt and rationally it is more likely to be a random accident. Senseless but an accident. But my instincts are that she was becoming such a loose canon it freaked someone out enough, in position of power and with the warped perception that they were protecting the state, to conspire to kill her. Id be amazed if the truth outs in my lifetime. Even those not in the original conspiracy could be motivated to continue to keep it secret.

My husband has always said "I smell a rat"

Have Mi6 owned up to it then?

Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy from Margaret Cox on Vimeo.

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