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Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Tuesday, 27 August 2013 15:25

Same scam, same goals, same network of genetic liars.

How appropriate that Tony Blair, for whom the history books will be devastating, should campaign this week for military intervention in Syria by the Satanic criminals that created him, control him and have made him a very rich man for services rendered.

If anyone personifies the sleazy crooks, liars, narcissists, psychopaths and war criminals that drive world events and direct human society it is Mendacity Man, Tony Blair. As I have said many times, if there is ever a half-truth in a Blair speech it is a typing error.

It takes cognitive dissonance to stratospheric levels for a man who lied so outrageously in league with Boy Bush to kill and maim millions in Iraq to now lecture the world on the need for a repeat ten years later in Syria.

For me, it is a form of mental illness because that is what arrogance becomes when it reaches the clinical stage that we see with Anthony Charles Lynton Blair who is so deep in the cesspit that he surely needs an air tank never mind a snorkel.

He has rarely seen a people that he did not want to bomb … Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran and now Syria … he has ordered or supported attacks on all of them. But then given that he is an, oh so willing pawn of the global Death Cult why would it be any different?

The depths of his mass murder and clinical depravity can be seen in the Cult awarding him a ‘peace medal’ just as it did with war criminal Obama thanks to the ludicrous Nobel Peace Prize named after a man who made his fortune making weapons of war.

But then Tony Blair who has destroyed the lives of millions in the Middle East is now the Middle East peace envoy for the US, Russia, the EU and the United Nations. I think they call it taking the piss.

The world is inverted because its leaders are perverted.

These genetic liars are so desperate to bomb the Assad regime into history because the global plan to subvert and conquer the Middle and Near East has had its timetable scuppered by the Syrian government refusing to fall in the wake of a civil war orchestrated through psychopathic mercenaries by the hidden forces behind NATO and Israel that are now planning to bomb Syria via their political puppets who dare not refuse to take orders - not that this lot need much encouragement.

They are planning to kill and maim still more people with brown faces on the way to controlling the whole of the vast region known as Eurasia and the plan was for them to have invaded Lebanon and Iran by now so they are seeking to bomb away the blockage and stalemate in Syria where the NATO armed-and-funded 'rebels' have been losing ground to the Assad military.

To do so, they are claiming with no evidence that Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people. They have tried this before without success when it became clear that the alleged 'Assad' chemical attacks were instigated by the very 'rebels' that NATO controls to manufacture an excuse for NATO to invade.

Now, in pathetic desperation, they are doing the same again and this time refusing to take no for an answer or produce any credible evidence (they can't) because their masters' timetable demands that Assad be removed now – just as it did with Gaddafi in Libya.

And the global corporate media is playing its usual part in repeating the lies as fact and in doing so the blood will be on their hands, too, as it has been throughout corporate media history and yet they are so stupid, so uninformed, so moronic, that they can't see that they and their families are going to be subject to the same Orwellian fascist society that they are providing the daily propaganda to justify 


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