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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Murder General Younis (6)

Libya Turmoil 264

Open letter to the NATO idiotic murderers,

You are now bombing the Libyan population since more than 5 months with more fire power than anything during WWII.
Your little adventure which was going to take a couple of weeks is now draining resources, which you don’t have, from your member states.
You are in total illegality, utterly ignoring the limits imposed by the Security Council Rulings 1979 and 1973.
You were supposed to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, not change the Libyan government, neither murdering innocent citizens and their children.
For your information, you are the only ones, together with your Al Quaeda minders, having helicopters and planes in the Libyan skies, bombing citizens and killing them in their beds, which you rename then command and control centers.
The only illegal fliers over Libya are the NATO bombers, in total lawlessness against the letter and the spirit of the Security Council Rulings.
This being said, the world does understand that your political leaders don’t want to admit their stupidity and try to kill Gaddafi in order to declare victory.
The world does understand that you are actually stupid cowards with no morals whatsoever.
You are brainless puppets on the strings pulled by immoral mafia-type gangsters, stupidly elected by a “television controlled consumer”-society
All this is known and regretfully passes without a whimper by our establishment-chained mass media.But presently you have even surpassed yourselves in idiocy and stupidity, you have gone farther up the road of total brainlessness than I even thought possible.
Your combined brainless establishment has produced a letter to your gangster friends in Benghazi to “eliminate” general Younis.
I knew since the very beginning that general Younis HAD to go to Benghazi to protect the members of his tribe living in Benghazi, a huge section of his tribe, from being taken over by his extremist Islamic cousin Hifter.
Your combined stupid leadership never realized that Moammar Gaddafi himself never blamed Younis for this.
For your information, there are tribes in Libya and those tribes are the fabric of that society since thousands of years, the desert population of Libya was living by and from that tribal structure since thousands of years.
Your gangster friends in Benghazi, after you put them on their symbolic shaky throne in Benghazi, declared immediately that they wanted to do away with the tribes.
That declaration alone made them the leaders of maybe maximum 100.000 Libyans, mostly living abroad.
All the other Libyans understood the words and returned to Gaddafi.
So now you wanted Younis, the leader of the Benghazi Warfallah tribe, eliminated.
I can imagine the joy of the Libyan Al Quaeda fraction, Younis hunted them for years and the profiteer Jalil, who, between Younis and Al Quaeda had no real power base, understood your stupid letter as an order from his bosses and had to go to Al Quaeda to “silence” or “eliminate” Younis.
Which he did and Al Quaeda executed Younis.
Except, stupid idiots from NATO, the Warfallah tribe and Younis army does exist and is much bigger than NATO or Al Quaeda in Libya.
Now you have practically dug your own grave and you will see why Gaddafi stayed in power so long and why he was so successful in creating modern Libya.
You have 2 options now:
1) Stop bombing and admit defeat with all its consequences
2) Bomb the whole Libyan population to smithereens for your mafia masters.

Such idiocy should be punishable by law.

Mercurytraveller 1-8-2011

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