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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


9th August 2011

Craig’s piece is very naive and superficial. Expecting teenagers to target the homes of bankers and the super-rich for arson, is asking a lot of them isn’t it?
As I believe bourgeois democracy is dead and we’re heading for a kind of ‘fuedal’ dictatorship, the return of the famous London ‘Mob’ was only to be expected, after all, Cameron and Osbourne seem like figures from the eighteenth century, fabulously wealthy aristocrats lecturing the peasantry about the Big Society.
Cameron’s latest drivel, that a massive social explosion, is really and simply criminal activity, shows that he knows about as much about sociology as he does about economics, which is close to nothing.
Revolutions… have to start somewhere, don’t they? They are rarely pretty and don’t follow a neat plan. Is this the start of a revolution? Unfortunately, probably not, but it is another step along the road to revolution.
Somehow, we have to remove the ruling elite from power, typified by Cameron and Osbourne. What kind of society allows shits like them to accumulate a £100,000,000 between them? Basically, with people like them re-emerging to claim their natural birthright to rule over the common people… we are doomed.
Craig is also totally wrong about ‘education’ and the anti-education stance of young people. They are right to reject the bullshit fed to them in crap schools, for what it is, pure propaganda, designed to make them conform and serve the state, the corporate state.
In fact the youngsters are reacting ‘rationally’ and ‘normally’ in a society that’s sick, depraved, degenerate, undemocratic, corrupt and doomed.
It’s not the kids who are a threat to ‘civilisation’, but Cameron and the ruling elite, people who are destroying civilsation with extraordinary speed.
These kids are our children, we created the world they grew up in, we created the ideas and values they see all around them, and then we are shocked when they react to a world gone mad?
And what do the vicious, imperialist attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya teach our young people? That we take, with ultra-violence, what we want, by any means necessary.
These are the lessons our young people learn, and they’ve learned them well. This is how we ‘educate’ them. They are not blind and they are not stupid.
Even in ancient Rome there were periodic uprisings by the slave-class. These were usually, nasty, brutish and short. But do we blame the slaves for their slavery and their spontaneous and violent reaction to their inhuman treatment?

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