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Friday, June 7, 2013


Hijacked Christianity
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 15:44
by Zen Gardner

Perpetrating probably one of the biggest hoaxes of all time, Zionism is one of the wickedest and most devious parasitic viruses ever known to mankind. If you haven’t done your homework and you’re a staunch whatever and that offends you, sorry, you’re right on cue. You’ve been programmed to think any questioning of anything about  (implied Jewish anything) their metastasizing cultic Talmudist protection and control meme carefully woven into society — is taboo.

Well repeated. But the awake aren’t repeaters; in mind, spirit or body.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  Voltaire.

Pretty profoundly clear there. Those are very true words. You can watch this in real time today as fascist governments like the U.S. implement laws where the ruling class cannot be criticized. That’s how it works. It will soon get much worse under this staged “terrorism” threat, all created by the same rulers to fulfill their designs.

Wash rinse repeat. Stay home and watch TV, nothing to see here.
There are many “Christians” who have woken up to the hoax of Zionism and Jewish supremacy aspirations. The real problem is that the preponderance of followers have and are falling for it. I find it so ironic the very people who apparently crucified their “savior” they then turn and give not just a free pass to, but  preferential treatment as the book ordained “chosen people”. Wow.  They haven’t changed, I hope everyone knows that. The Sanhedran of yesteryear is the local synagogue Mossad nest or conspiratorial Knesset of today.

They’re predators with a self engineered free pass.

Not to say there aren’t many wonderful Jews. That’s different entirely. I have many wonderful Jewish people in my life I love and inherently trust who get what’s going on to varying degrees. It’s not a race or religious issue. BUT – Judaism is being used as a carrier signal for a hell of a lot of evil. And Christianity is being used just the same, as is Islam.

Only the Zionist signal rides on the Jewish signal, and that’s the killer.

If the Jewish people realized how they are being completely tooled they would cause one hell of  a ruckus, but very few get it. It’s the same with adroitly subdued Christian followers or just about any “believing” group of indoctrinated non-questioners. The easy way out for lazy humanity is to follow.

What’s really whacked about Judaism is their Zionist-Talmudic ingrained supremacy culture, literally empowering any act of any kind in order to perpetrate their “cause”. Dig into it and you’ll find what I’m talking about.  The Jesuits are the same, and again it’s in their liturgy. Same evil spirit. And you have to admit, Catholicism seems to have the occult metastacizing phenom market cornered…but they don’t.
Zionism is vicious to its very core, almost despite itself. An ongoing evil of tremendous proportions that needs serious exposing.
Presto – 666 Is Now Allah – Manipulated?
No kidding. The Christians are now teaching that the famous “Mark of the Beast”, long thought to signify the imprinting of the “number of the beast”, 666, and the microchipping of humanity for commerce by which everyone must “buy or sell”, is no longer. It’s now totally flipped and considered that the mark of the beast is allegiance to Islam. Yup. Dem’s da facts.

It’s had a full body makeover.

The Mark of the Beast is now allegiance to Islam. Not the mechanical and social takeover of mankind via conformance to a centralized computer-like “beast”, but “the made up bad guy over there”.
Talk about divide and conquer social programming! Holy shit that’s weird! They’ve redirected prophecy, isn’t that ironic?  It’s now being put forth voraciously in books and all kinds of follow up literature in the “Christian” world.

Amazing? Not really. This type of typical mass, hysterical programming is interwoven in the history of humanity.

Think the Zionists had anything to do with this?

That’s where the wake up rubs against the programming. If you don’t grasp the Zionist agenda, you’re not there yet!

Hope you have the guts to wake up….fully. Just look at what the bastards are doing to the Palestinians. If that doesn’t awaken your heart there’s some serious work yet to be done on your spiritual situation.

Don’t get hijacked.

Love, Zen

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