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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


South Africa has never gained its independence at first place. 
South Africa was not due for the birth of freedom/democracy. Instead it was induced by Imperialist powers and the birth was realised with Caesarean. Unfortunately premature babies always develop complications. They grow with never ending weakness and sicknesses.
That is South Africa today ad it will remain so for a long to time to come. 
In the meantime you can always donate money to "Mandela children's fund" to be laundered by Mandela family. 
What a joke.!

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newsens· 1 day ago
South Africa is a peculiar hybrid of Western capitalism and African pseudo-Marxism, packaged as a "democracy" but really a tyranny dominated by the black majority under the ANC, which is quite incapable of governing because of nepotism, corruption and incompetence.
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souare· 1 day ago
Wrong! South Africa is a sheer neoliberal capitalist society. It is run politically by a venal class of greedy and ignorant neoliberal blacks who are fed crumbs from the vast capitalist enterprise that is South Africa. That's Mandela's handiwork for you.

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denk· 1 day ago
very soon the world is going to be ruled by all these 
marvellous *nobel peace laureates*, under the most noble one in the wh, isnt it wonderful ?

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seed-sower· 1 day ago
"foreign agencies allied to American/Israeli interests intent on undermining South Africa’s legitimate trade ties with Iran.” 

Yes. The goal is for western petroleum companies to take total control of Iranian oil. To accomplish that with minimal bloodshed the West would like to simply destroy the Iranian economy. "American/Israeli interests" mean large political campaign donors - in this case, petroleum companies.

CEMAL GUVEN ASTI· 20 hours ago
Good to see more people who can see what is happening in S.Africa and elswhere. 
Face of Mandela copied and pasted on Democracy together with expatriate gang led by Mbeki. They all got cush jobs. And masses was taken fo a cul de suc. Evey 5 yrs or so they suckle "elections" dummy.
And great h "freedom icon" Mandela never spent 27 yrs in the prison cell. It is a lie. His prison cell was a house on the robben island. He had telefon and visitors from outside. He had a "white minder". as his prison warden. He was a prisoner in a prison but not in a cell with bars and jump suit with a number.

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Morgan· 16 hours ago
I do know that there is a pattern between Ghandi, Aung Sang Sui Chi, Mandela and a few others... They appear to have had their reputations inflated by their oppressors (or by Sui Chi's case by the West), made into saint like figures to distract people's attention while some other trick was being played out of sight - ie the countries concerned having to negotiate their independence and compromise themselves in the process. 

Leaving Mandela aside (who was always much less important than has been made out) this ANC leadership has a lot to answer for both domestically and foreign policy wise. 

In Africa there is also a never ending pervasive sense of insecurity, the CIA has convinced nearly every leader that they can replace them in a second. 'True or not' this boast virtually guarantees that truly independent countries in the continent will always be a scarcity, the CIA exerts fear throughout Africa. Zimbabwe may be the most independent country in Africa now.

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Honeysuckle· 18 hours ago
One thing is guaranteed anyone who is lauded by the press is backed by Jewish money - Mandela is no exception . The "fight " against apartheid was a means to place in power a black majority who suddenly obtained more money than they ever imagined and are willing to do whatever their masters decree. 
It's happened before -to America, to Britain, France, South America, etc. the list is endless

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denk· 14 hours ago
*One thing is guaranteed anyone who is lauded by the press is backed by Jewish money * 

for the *wapo*, of all media, to get ecstatic over morsi's ostensible *independent way* should've been a dead giveaway 
+The Washington Post hailed the trip as “a major foreign policy shift for the Arab world’s most populous nation, after decades of subservience to Washington+

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