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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Van: [] Namens Leon Muller van den Berg
Verzonden: woensdag 19 september 2012 8:49
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Onderwerp: [dinker] MOET ONS NIE WEER IN STEEK LAAT!


Wat het ideale joernaliste en ideale wetenskaplikes gemeen?

Minstens skeptisisme oor enige amptelike verklarings van nuwe gebeure deur mense wat bekend is vir vals verklarings - naamlik politici en hul dienaars.

Nuuskierigheid, verkenning van verskeie moontlikhede en avontuurlus motiveer die goeie joernalis én goeie wetenskaplike.

'n Blinde geloof in paranoïese verklarings, wat nie aan al die vereiste maatstawwe voldoen waarmee goeie joernaliste en goeie wetenskaplikes hul werk doen nie, is nie bloot nalatig nie, dis roekeloos en selfs misdadig.

Kennelik moet enige joernalis en/of wetenskaplike wat sy/haar professie werd is, die volgende hebbelikhede van staatslui ernstig, deeglik en in die openbaar betwyfel:

1) Eenmenskommissies - Ná die moord op 6 September 1966 op die SA premier H.F. Verwoerd, byvoorbeeld, is net regter J.T. van Wyk deur die nuwe staatshoof, John Vorster, opdrag gegee om dit te ondersoek.

2) Samesweringsaantygings - oor wat eintlik alternatiewe hipoteses is in reaksie op amptelike verklarings wat nie gestaaf kan word nie.

Die joernalis en/of wetenskaplike moet a) die amptelike verklaring deeglik probeer weerlê, en as hy/sy dit regkry, moet b) soveel joernaliste/wetenskaplikes moontlik met so 'n groot verskeidenheid hipoteses moontlik vorendag kom.

3) Dit alles moet in die openbaar geskied met wisselwerkende deelname deur die publiek - en terme soos "agter geslote deure", "geheim" en "geklassifiseer" is tipies die wetenskaplike en joernalis se grootste vyande - terwyl sy/haar grootste vriende in die 21ste eeu ál meer die sosiale media is, veral Wikileaks.

In die geval van sulke hebbelikhede moet joernaliste/wetenskaplikes luid van hulle laat hoor - al is dit dae, maande, jare, dekades, eeue en selfs millennia ná die tyd.

- Leon van de Berg

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Van: [] Namens Petrus
Verzonden: woensdag 19 september 2012 9:17
Onderwerp: RE: [dinker] MOET ONS NIE WEER IN STEEK LAAT!


Hiep-hiep-hoera! x 3

5 Reasons Why Conspiracy Theorists Are More Popular Than You Think

 Telling the truth is popular.

1. Public opinion polls show that the majority of Americans and Westerners agree with the views of "conspiracy theorists" more than those of government officials and media personalities. 

Public opinion polls show that public trust in government and the media is at an all time low. Their record of lying to the Western public is difficult to conceal, even with the biggest propaganda machine in history at their disposal. The growth and influence of the global alternative media has broken the magic spell over the public. The "mainstream media" is no longer mainstream. The old fringe is the new mainstream.

Conspiracy theorists have been proven right about so many issues and historical events, with 9/11 being the most important among them. The views of conspiracy theorists are more popular than ever because they are telling the truth.

Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, tested this truth with a live CNN audience on Piers Morgan's show on Monday, September 17, 2012. At the 11:45 mark in this video, Piers Morgan tells Jesse Ventura, "I think you make some very sensible points and you make some crackpot points." Ventura responds, "That's your opinion," and then asks the live audience, "How many people here think I make crackpot points?" One person puts up his hand. He follows up, asking, "How many think I make sensible points?" The audience cheers and claps. Ventura turns to Morgan and says, "You're in the minority, my good friend."

2. The label "conspiracy theorist" has been used to death, and it is no longer effective in sidelining anti-government narratives to the fringe of public thought and public discourse.

Honest Western intellectuals have caught on to the fact that the label"conspiracy theorist" is a ridiculously overused in Western public discourse and serves no other purpose than to marginalize dissent. The label is used by abusive government officials and media personalities to subvert the democratic will of the American people and attack the credibility of dissidents.

It is a sign of social progress and intellectual development that more people are aware of the true intentions behind the habitual use of this totalitarian label by the government and media.

3. The global alternative media is raising the political consciousness of America and the West, and liberating millions from a propaganda prison whose bars are made of language and official narratives.

The reasons why people reject conspiracy theories are more well known today because of the Internet and global alternative media. This profound change has had the effect of creating a highly self-aware and super-conscious public that cannot be easily fooled into believing government false flags and deceptions as it was before.

Millions of thoughtful individuals are learning to treat anti-government narratives rationally and maturely, whereas in the past they used to stick the label "conspiracy theory" on them and didn't take them seriously. In the new language of mental resistance to government oppression, the term "conspiracy theory" is not applicable to alternative readings of history and alternative interpretations of current events.

4. The contradictions within mainstream narratives are harder to gloss over than before. 

It is impossible to keep track of all the official deceptions. Recent revelations in Libya and Syria have put mainstream narratives of the conflicts taking place there into question. After unofficially arming and financing Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in both countries, certain Western policy makers and their counterparts in Israel and the Arab monarchies are dishonestly making the argument that the growth of radical Islam demands greater Western intervention.

But their manipulative policy is the reason why the influence of radical Islamists is growing in the Arab world, so their case for more war is built on sand and illusion.

In this new information environment, conspiracy theorists are able to make the case that their interpretations of epoch-making historical events are factually correct by providing evidence and historical analysis to back up their controversial statements.

5. The growth of the public intelligence community over the last several years is counter-balancing the power of anti-freedom forces in secret intelligence communities and their spies in the corporate media. 

From now on, conspiracy theorists should be described as public intelligence analysts. We are part of a public intelligence community whose headquarters is the entire world. The public intelligence community has bases in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, China, Russia, and the Middle East. Our loyalty is to truth, freedom, and peace. We investigate reality to serve humanity, and bring nations together under the banner of peace and co-existence.

Public intelligence analysts such as Webster TarpleyThierry Meyssan,Alex JonesTony CartalucciDavid IckeGerald CelentePaul Craig Roberts, and many others are destroying deceptive mainstream narratives that have been created to justify needless conflict between countries and civilizations.

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement is the fruit of the public intelligence community. And it will grow exponentially as more people wake up and look into the 9/11 events with a more critical eye.

Conclusion: The propaganda paradigm is collapsing. The truth about 9/11 is surfacing to global collective consciousness. Be optimistic about the future. The answers are staring us in the face. The solutions are in front of us. All we have to do is look.

Video of Jesse Ventura Live on CNN, Making Excellent Points About Politics And War

At the 11:45 mark in the video below, Piers Morgan tells Jesse Ventura, "I think you make some very sensible points and you make some crackpot points." Ventura responds, "That's your opinion," and then asks the live audience, "How many people here think I make crackpot points?" One person puts up his hand. He follows up, asking, "How many think I make sensible points?" The audience cheers and claps. Ventura turns to Morgan and says, "You're in the minority, my good friend."

That is great.

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