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Friday, August 17, 2012


Your next town meeting

By John Kaminski

Trust yourself, the guru said. 

I wanted to ask him how to do that once you realize that all the information you have taken in during your entire life is now revealed to be false — history written by the victors aimed at concealing systematic atrocities and surreptitious scams, purposefully constructed for the duping and fleecing and orderly regulation of the masses.

Under these circumstances, where does trusting yourself lead to but irrelevance and oblivion? 

Lifetimes wasted in search of meaningless objectives. A patriot in a flag-draped coffin from a war that was a lie. 

What is your memory of waving a presidential placard bearing the name of Eugene McCarthy, Ross Perot or Ron Paul?

Religious types always say you'll get your reward in heaven but charge a hefty fee for their advice.

The atheists among us are the most scrupulously religious of all, constantly trying to prove something that everybody else has decided can't be true.

Rational people sit in the back row, trying to puzzle out reality from what they read in The New York Times, dimly aware that the news package every day seems skewed to achieve the very objectives the plastic puppet leaders of our nation later propose. This is how Barack Obama became president, because of "hot" newspaper stories praising a hitherto unknown Illinois legislator who in reality accomplished nothing either before or since.

And so tells the tale of American unconsciousness — finely trained in the expertise of their soon-to-be-eliminated vocations but mental sluggards about what is being actually uttered by the leaders they elect. NAFTA. AIDS. The War on Terror.

The last town meeting I attended was in the halcyon days of my youth in the early 1970s, I was a cub editor at a small town newspaper and had the distinct privilege of attending the annual spring get-together in the town of Victory, Vermont. 

Environmental concerns already ruled this rustic burg so they didn't use salt on the roads. Thus, through a canyon of snow draped pines, the dirt lane glazed with three feet of ice that had built up over the winter led to the quintessential one room log cabin schoolhouse heated by a single woodstove where the town meeting was always held for Victory's 200 or so residents.

All sipping hot cider inside, 25 or so hardy Vermonters and a few more summer residents from New York City who had made the arduous journey out of season for them listened obediently to the list of items to be voted upon, silently nodding or shaking their heads in disapproval.

What quickly became obvious to me — as it did in so many other municipal meetings I covered — was that the people doing the voting really had no say on what was being voted upon. All the agenda items were pre-mandated directives from the federal or state governments being imposed upon the town whether they liked it or not.

The epiphany for me was that ten percent of the budget or less was actually actionable on the part of the voters. The remaining 90 percent was something they could not change — it was law by fiat given the ritual democratic veneer of a town vote. 

And woe to those who rejected what the feds or the state demanded — no matter how many futile lawsuits were filed to forestall one government depravity or another, the town and its people always lost; the feds and and state always won.

Why bother to even have such an event as a town meeting, relic of 19th century participatory democracy, when any votes that were taken had little or no effect on the items being discussed? 

This exercise in democracy was really an exercise in futility.

After this realization, I wasn't long for the mainstream newspaper business, because like town meetings, their agenda is already preset by the financial entanglements that keep them afloat.

This all happened forty years ago. It's only gotten worse by several orders of magnitude since.

To the point where you have no choice — even in what you think.

The Republican presidential candidate, a specialist in ruining the lives of others through corporate manipulated bankruptcies, has just picked a running mate who, instead of debating his adversaries, has them arrested. And he was chosen as your next possible president for exactly that reason.

These two candidates are the alternative to an oppressive Communist administration that has just about finished what the previous neocon Communist administration started in erasing all Constitutional protections for individual Americans.

Those still making money off this dying system think this is a good idea, not realizing that this giant bell we hear ringing is tolling for everyone.

Forty years ago I reasoned the people had lost control of their governments. Now, with the Freedom of Information Act a laughingstock and the Patriot Act used as a hammer to bludgeon political dissent into silence, there is a complete separation between the people in its grip and the hypocritical cynics who play along for profit with the government's Orwellian lies about everything.

Some people have finally figured that except for minor trivialities, both candidates are always saying the same thing — keep bombing everyone!

The great secret that America's prosperity has always been based on war and the sale of armaments is now out in the open as the grinning nightmare now bearing down on the Americans themselves in the forms of killer drones operated by people who push buttons at the behest of faraway bankers.

There are no real town meetings left today, no real connection between the people and their elected leaders, totally separated as they are by the PAC money that ultimately comes from the international bankers inflicting their totalitarian controls on the gullible locals.

There is no sense in voting for one of two alternatives who are slaves to Israeli control, who send guns to foreign drug dealers and murder political dissidents from robot planes without trial, who teach our young people to rape foreigners and then do the same to their neighbors when they come home and become cops.

Empty words turn into empty lives. Nobody has any control over anything as the foundations of our reality shudder under the weight of the false expectation that the government will protect us all, when in reality it is our executioner, our pruner of the human population down to a more suitable level for slaves on the plantation on which we will be allowed to live.

Your next town meeting should be about that — how the people you elected to serve you are actually participating in your destruction with the old tried-and-true Jewish boom-and-bust financial cycle that trims the chaff from the wheat and leaves Dust Bowl families lying by the side of the road still breathing but still bleeding.

America is looking more like Iraq every day. 

Maybe your next town meeting should be about that — why would you vote for anyone who is working to deprive you of your rights, your property and your life?

Maybe if every town in America held a town meeting and passed a resolution that we don't trust either candidate to actually work for Americans instead of the international bankers, we could stop this election, recruit more rational, less bought-off leaders, and instead of this darkness of spirit and intent that is increasing every day, turn back toward the light of the good lives we know we can live if just given half a chance.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA. 

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