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Sunday, May 13, 2012


“Brazen Serpent” – Rothschild Zi-Olympic Scam Exposed

Friday, May 11th, 2012. 
This picture was brought to my attention by a reader and I think is just too clearly the probable model concept for the nasty Olympic Orbit monstrosity.
For many reasons.
First of all, this sculpture on Mt. Nebo in Jordan is strikingly similar, from the high looping lattice work and its serpentine motion. Not only is the sculpture laden with symbolism, this is the site where the Biblical Moses supposedly was stopped by Jehovah for his earlier loss of temper. He was only allowed to gaze upon the “promised land” and it was here he was supposed to have died while the others entered.
Is this Olympic Orbit gazing into the spiritual Illuminist promised land of a wanna be globalist Zion, a one world dictatorship, symbolized by the manipulated, caged gladiator-esque athletes from around the globe at these absurdly militarized Olympics?

Too Close to Deny

Spaghetti monster seems to make no “sense”? Never. Not with something so crucial to these elite scum-suckers.
The serpent symbol (carefully “woven” into human consciousness by early serpentine social engineers eons ago) is wrapped in the same DNA resembling lattice work as the “orbit”, even looping over the head/top of the statue like the brazen serpent. And it’s writhing around a human image apparently presaging the Christ image, but in effect showing the control and containment of man by serpentine forces.
This image has been around since Sumerian astrology predating the Bible and is woven into Greek and Roman imagery.
Look for its true meaning. Not this mishmash of mythological applications, although you have to go through all that. Just warning you, none of that stuff is what it appears to be, and you gotta find out for yourself. This is occult symbolic esotericism you’re not supposed to get….but get it we must!
And do!
We know the Rothschild Zionist Olympics are an over the top obvious Illuminati display this year. Besides the logo, mascots, imagery and architecture, the out of control militarization is distinctly foreshadowing the one world order they want to project onto humanity. This is concurring with the United Snakes’ continued fascist clampdown on what is obviously their biggest threat, an armed and unfortunately “liberty loving” American population. The final showdown is about it begin. And the arrogant bastards are already celebrating victory from the Superbowl to now.
What was it pride comes before again….?

Moses, Mt. Nebo and the “Promised Land”

The meaning of this statue in Jordan is profound. That Moses was supposedly stopped here and given such significance in this Zionist narrative is amazing. And that this archetypical symbol of man wrapped in this DNAish serpent just “nails” it.
To me it makes total sense that the bloodlines would choose this as the theme, and get some super-duped engineer to disguise it enough and get it to support a “viewing platform”….as in encased humanity? Fulfilling the original?
I know the power of the semi-truths of the Bible paradigm. Once someone is sucked into it, it’s few who survive untwisted from its quicksand-laden doctrinal landscape. Unless you understand astro-theology, true archeology, esoterica and intervention science..and have a huge wake up and move into consciousness, you’ll never put the pieces together properly.
And yes, I know, obviously a lot of profound truths can be found in the Bible. Of course, otherwise no one would read it or hold it so dear and swallow the rest of it. So don’t bother to fight on that front.
But the misleading disinfo is very powerfully and spiritually encapturing. “Believers” beware. And those who have found out and know, just enjoy!

Moses Supposes..and Serpent-on-a-Stick Heals!

The Moses serpent on a stick story, according to the Bible, is essentially pretty weird and counter intuitive from the start. His people supposedly complained about the food and conditions after splitting Egypt so he sent serpents to bite them. They cried out for help so Moses held up a rod with a serpent wrapped around it in bronze, and those who gazed upon it were saved.
Strange enough? Nice abusive leader and god, I know. Think again, “believers”. Reminds me of the snaky televangelists. Ha! “Do what we say, and send us money, or die.” The Moses thing is “send me spiritual energy or die!”
Even stranger, this brazen serpent image has now passed down through millennia as some kind of symbol for healing! This “serpent on a stick” is the symbol of the medical establishment and all kinds of stuff now!
Are you kidding me? Serpent worship will save us?

Get in line. All in the name of entrenched pseudo science and religion. Reverso-chango…serpents are good! Sound familiar with today’s backwards mantras?

This is BS. They crossed a marsh to evade troops. Good theater though, no?

The Promised Land Imprint - Like We Can Consciously Care!

Nice paradigm for a conquering force. "Let's emblazon on the human psyche that this is a "holy" land just like there are "rulers" on earth. This will carry on thru generations of controllers, and if we have a capitol to retreat to with special ley line characteristics and ancient significance, we can dupe the inhabitants to let us rule in the long run. After all, Jerusalem, spiritual and political center would be crucial.  And great control hub!"
There you have it! Jump on it Knights Templar, Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminist bloodlines! Keep having generational maggots until the Rothschilds and other split off bloodlines appear to control all and all will be well!

Moses is Akhenaten...Surprised? Don't Be.

Even though real history traces the beginnings of "Moses" to the story of a cross-bred Akhenaten from Pharoah's unapproved wife, basket down the Nile and all, the Bible perpetrates an amazing tale of this god-like offspring who's purely Hebrew who eventually does these amazing incredulous stupendous feats to impress generations to come! And leads them to the Promised Land! How conveeeenient!
Ah, where false history and reality meet.............nowhere.
An Egyptian historian educated in the UK named Ahmed Osman is just one such researcher who has an amazing piece taking this apart with the much more credible and historically accurate tale of Akhenaten/Moses that will be enlightening to any sincere seeker.
Just stay open. This short piece will explain many things.

So Why the Olympics?

We're in the last dying throes of the evil Illuminati empire. The 13 bloodline families and the forces empowering them are making their last ditch stand to establish first of all an occult stronghold on earth, from which they hope to launch other forays.
And with our agreement comes power for these motherf**kers. Don't ever forget that.
If we don't resist in mind, body and spirit by not participating and however else we're each called,  they are enabled to accomplish their purpose. They've gained humanity's agreement until now and they're pushing to finish the job. Our job is to identify, expose and resist through noncompliance and insistent exposure.
And it works. Big time. Never ever underestimate that. One with Truth is a majority. Strike by being fully conscious and responding accordingly!
The London Olympics are the next big step toward rationalization and acceptance of the nation state, the inter-nation state and therefore state control. Everywhere. While it's acutely occult, the blatant message is submit or else, same as the US right now.
Dastardly done.


So as usual the whole scam is bad to the bone. Nothing new. It's just good to catch them at their game. When we identify, consciousness spreads more than exponentially...and actually foils their plots! That's how important True, Loving information is!
Be alive. Strive to be consciously awake and responsive. Speak up. React. Talk, communicate, love and embrace. Ours is the living truth, whatever happens around us.
Never let it dismay you.
Much love always,

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