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Friday, March 16, 2012


15 Mar, 2012 - 9:35 pm

@ AmanfromMars
What you report may have been true in 1995, but in 1996, Google was conceived in a PhD research project. From that point on, the internet had a black-hole to contend with; for most of the information to be found – or not found – goes through this hub. Who ever controls this hub, will control the ‘bias’ of most of the millions of searches each hour.
Try this experiment: type in a google search “fat ma”. You should notice, if you have predictive text, the choice ‘fat man’. Now try the same experiment with “fat wo”; you will have no predictive text, as it would have to be politically incorrect with ‘fat woman’. Although a trivial example, the fact that it can make any political decision, should raise eyebrows.

Candle Power
17 Mar, 2012 - 5:33 am
Google is an Israeli company. Mossad + NSA provided US tax-payer’s dollars for the start-up and operational funding for and run google as an intelligence gathering oeration, it’s their creation as was yahoo; youtube, once not part of google, they acquired long ago too. All competitor search engines wilted, became ineffectual and died, many of the alternatives left simply search google in the background and substitute their sponsor’s advertisement results, rarely relevant to your search, plus the obfuscated google search results. It’s long been known that these not-so secret organisations are gatekeepers and censors for the internet and their control has been TOTAL since 2003, the common social media sites are another arm. The internet still has great potential but for the masses is as revoltingly rotten, manipulated and controlled as the mainstream press/tv so blatantly are
All MS p
roducts are riddled with intentional back doors, and is anyone surprised by this – no – but still they use them. Technology hasn’t liberated us, its enslaved us.
Lone voices grumbling on obscure blogs, Craig is tolerated as he’s helpless and ineffectual. The marching morons can’t ever be reached, are nevertheless content with their vacuous lot, are rewarded for their thickness and compliance, they breed; they’ll swallow anything.
Where will it end? Human extinction I think, and we deserve it.

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