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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Art of Lying: Bob Woodward/Rumsfeld Oct. 23rd 2003
Rumsfeld: “And you lie, you told people I stuck a finger in your chest. I never stuck a finger in your chest.”
Woodward: “Yes, sir, yes, yes.”
Rumsfeld: “I never touched your chest.”
Woodward: “I swear you did.”
Rumsfeld: “Did I?”
Woodward: “Yeah, you did.”
Rumsfeld: “Physically?”
Woodward: “You did, physically, it wasn’t hostile you were illustrating a point.”
Rumsfeld: “Good.”
Woodward: “I explained that. I thought you scored a very good point.”
Rumsfeld: (laughter)
Woodward: “Which was about surprise and off balance.”
Rumsfeld: “Oh yes, I did. I remember that you’re right …Yeah, right, you are right …I said you got to get a little off balance — I’ve done that. He’s right, I’m wrong.”

Note the laughter at Bush’s jokes about WMD – Who are these people – are they human? or is our world infiltrated by a sub-species? No! – the world is a mixing bowl of opposing thoughts, the strongest of which are destruction and creation.
I believe every single one of us has the power to affect our reality – it is called the power of intention; in the scientific world it is called quantum entanglement. Jim Carrey explains:

2nd May 2011

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