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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Even as I felt sadness this morning seeing a man accused of corruption being inaugurated as the president of South Africa, I was cheered up by my friend Kalyani sending me this photo of us taken by her husband in 1984 in the then Orange Free State province. Under apartheid she and her family may as Indians not have stayed in this province for longer than 24 hours. Dumb and humiliating laws. How much better we are off since democracy came to our land in 1994. Now we just need to get rid of those corrupt politicians, starting with the newly inaugurated president.

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  • İsmetjan Khan hear! hear!
  • Hendrik van Wyk I totally agree
  • Tina Dietrich Thank u Johan.D erosion of values in SA politics under n wth Zuma is goin 2 haunt us 4 many yrs 2 come.D Anc decision makers who kept Zuma in d driver seat shuld wake up.
  • Koos Gous Pres Jacoa Zuma did more then you can dreamt of. Enjoy yourself emposed refugee status in colonial Holland. We will solve our own challenges in our democratic and free South Africa. The world regonised the strive and advantages that we made in South Africa in only 20 years of democracy. So vlieg na die maan.
  • Obe Phillips koos debate asb!
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers Koos, we have achieved much in 20 years. I am very proud of that. But Zuma must go....he is bad for our country. When our respected minister of foreign affairs was here recently we met with her and she also called on us to be good respresentatives of our country. She recognises the role we play as South Africans over here. The world has become small. We are proud of her. I continiously fight against people trying to run down our country in Europe for the wrong reasons. I have opposed visitors in the Dutch parliament, at meetings, in the media, etc. on these issues, so your attack on me is uncalled for. Enjoy your weekend.
  • Michael Ricketts Wow Johan, I would not have recognised you.
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers I had hair..... 
  • Kalyani John He was a handsome young man!!!
  • Michael Ricketts He still is and you looked bigger.
  • Tina Dietrich Well, sir#koos gous, I really am astounded @ ur comment , n I wonder if der is any good dt can come from from all d scandals (proven facts) dt zuma has 'blessed ' us wth.
    2 d contrary n working in healthcare we c n experience in 1st hand wot our goverment is teaching us.Goverment should teach by action nt words .zero tolerance on corruption, on crime , der words is jst dt .words.
    Ms Madonsela prefaced her report on Nkandla'Our government is the potent, omnipresent teacher.For good or for ill, it teaches people by example...If the govenment becomes a law breaker , it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man (person)to become a law unto himself.." 
    Justice of US Supreme Court 
  • Henry Van Vuuren Ag Johan zuma is 'n clown maar ons kon erger hehad het ... Micheal el dink tannie gaan jou in 'n anner bloedgroep klap jy beter sorrie se samoosas bakSee Translation
  • Joan Lombard Ons moes jare gelede ons farmakologie kongres in Thaba 'Nchu hou, omdat ons Indiër kollegas nie in die OVS mag oornag het nie.See Translation
  • Koos Gous 11,4 million(62%) people voted for and approves the ANC and the Administration of Prez Jacob Zuma. So care not a damn of you 'bitter bekke' that have exile youself. Our achievements speaks for itself. Enjoy stay over, hope that you buy only single air ticket.
  • Francois van Wyk Koos I am quite certain that Johan does more for the country from afar than most living here actually do. As for the 62% I can assure you that even many of them can not condone what this president has been doing to our country. (As you know we dont elect presidents in SA, but parties) The fact that you want to defend corruption and mediocracy so strongly that you resort to insulting a good man like Johan, says a lot....
  • Koos Gous Francios, I dont believe people who run away, moan and groan(kla kouse) can do any thing good for beloved country from their new adopted country. The 11,4 million people knows very well what the ANC and its leaders did and done for them during the darkest and brutal days of apartheid by the white minorty and days of colonial rule. They knows that SA is today a Better Place to live in as 20 years ago. And they knows who are done it, in spite of what you, prophets of doom had to say about our country, our glorious Movement the ANC and its galant Leaders and Freedom Fighters. So your analyses and destorted views counts for nothing. Together We will make this country even a much more Better Place to lived in, all of us, the children(white and blacks together., in peace with each other) of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The Miracle of 1994, Rainbow Nation. You will Stand Ashame of Our Good Story!!
  • Francois van Wyk Yes we know SA is a better place, and it is our responsibility to ensure it stays that way and becomes that way for everyone. With Zuma in the lead we are not going in the right direction. The world is a small place, we need ambassadors everywhere. Don't underestimate the power of the global village unless you want to revert back to the seclusion we had during Apartheid. Where do you think foreign investment comes from? Random wire transactions?
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers Koos, you are missing a couple of facts. I have a great admiration for the ANC as an organisation and liberation movement, faults and all. Since they have governed the country they have done much good. I understand your anger towards their opponents, because many of them are only focusing on the negatives. All governments have failures in policy, it is no shame. I do however have a problem with your leader. That is also MY right. Go and tell the ANC minister of foreign affairs that you "dont believe people who run away, moan and groan". She was very supportive of what we do here.....strange, Koos?
  • Tina Dietrich #koos gous, my brother spent 17 yrs fighting in umkhonto we sizwe .4 dt tym we as a family did nt knw if he was dead or alive .He helped wth taking ple across d border into safety during d unrest of 1976.Hence my sadness dt wot come 2 us thru blood sweat n tears is being eroded by d weakness of d Anc decision makers 2 remove a bad apple .N let me inform u we had high hopes dt zuma will nt be inaugurated as president.ple voted Anc wth dt hope .bt it was read, dt dey in whose interest it is 2 hav zuma as president, dt dey hav carteblanche .bt dey hav created juju .n koos u wait n c wot happens next.
    Zuma n his cronies leaves us wth no political home !
  • Cindy Louisiana De Beer Whow! Johan! Great photo!
  • Koos Gous Ag Tina don't come with that psyhcy. Our people do know very well know that President Jacob Zuma will be President for a 2nd term again. He was the face of the ANC, unlike the DA who want to rent a a Black(Ramphele Ramphele) as there leader becose they did not have a credible person who can lead them. Jul problem is jul sien ons as agterlik, uneducated and stupid. Maar ons weet wie het ons bevry en wie het ons lewens verbeter. Whether you like it or not 11,4 million het President Jacob Zuma endorse for his 2nd term as president and the ANC as the ruling party. Get it in you mind 11,4 million people, there is nothing that you can do about it. Make the best of your foster country of your choice. Bye Bye... I rest my case.
  • Mandy du Plessis Johan how do you keep your cool ........ Is that you in the pic ?
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers That's me in the pic.....
  • Mandy du Plessis Well you are a better person than me for sure. I cannot recognize you.
  • Kalyani John Most of you have not known Johan as long as my family and I have. I know his beliefs and values and what he stands for, for more than 30 years. Johan, you have heard of the saying... THERE IS NONE SO BLIND AS HE WHO WILL NOT SEE. So these discussions and arguments are futile. You know what you believe in and stand. for and that's all that matters. Good luck my friend....
  • Koos Gous Johan, you were not the only one who made sacrifaces. Yours were to a lesser extend. There people who lost their lives and there are families that still today doesn't knows what happens with their loveones and cadres, and their are those who are in the process to bring back the remains of their people who lost their lifes in foreign countries in the struggle against apartheid, in order to reburied them in a decent manner in their land of birth, our mother land. So dont let us glorified our part of struggle and be remindful of others who suffers a lot more then we ever can imagin.
  • Kalyani John Thank you my sweetie.
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers Koos, in the light of so many people that made so many sacrifices to achieve our freedom, the expenditure of hunderds of millions on the private home of the president and other corruption are so much more of a disgrace! I have NO problem with the ANC, actually I have a lot of respect, but some people in the ANC are blind to these atrocities, including yourself. Luckily some have seen the light and may the boo-ing at recent meetings become a major noise against that man.
  • Veronica Atcheson and still looking as handsome as ever. Regards
  • Sabelo Kotswana 'We' being? Better yet why not focus on doing things that will make a difference and forget about Zuma? It's a worthless cause and making Zuma a victim is what propels him all the time and I wish those who claim to be in the know would see that. Ignore the man and focus on what needs to be done at the grass roots level. Time of talking ourselves up is over. We need to move on and focus on what makes a difference. Removing the leader of the ANC when not in the ANC is not possible unless you have evidence that you can present in court and make a case. Elections are over and 18m did what they needed to do while 7 million others stayed away for their reasons. We are all contributing in some way and the idea of seeing one contribution as more important than others is paternalistic bull. We need to stop blowing out horns up our own arses and instead we need to make a difference. Self congratulatory back slapping gestures often hide more than they reveal. If what you do makes a difference, you need not justify yourself. You know and those who benefit know. You need no affirmation.
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers Good Sabelo! Make your contribution! "Forget" about Zuma.....impossible.
  • Bart Simmers .@ Johan, despite the fact that Zuma is our President, the party for me is bigger than him.

    The voters has spoken, he must lead the party.
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  • Sabelo Kotswana Then Johan, you have problems that you will not overcome. Some of us have accepted the democratic process as someone mentioned, 11.4m people decided to move on
  • Johan Sloet de Villiers Bart, I respect the democratic process and I respect the ANC. We do however have to address corruption and abuse of power. Zuma scars the reputation of a great organisation. Part of the democratic processSabelo talks about, is to accept voices from opponents of Zuma. By all means, if you want to support him, it is your free choice, but I am now exercising mine.
  • Bart Simmers @ Johan

    There is no doubt in my mind you are not the only one. There are many others. 
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  • Robert F Brown You are a MOST insightful person Johan Sloet de Villiers. Not that I know enough of the details of this, but in general, you know what you're talking about.
  • Bob Stander JOHANmy friend hoe kan julle nog dink dit sal ooit regkom in S A ZUMA gaan nog steel vir 5jaar dan gaan die MAL AAP met die rooi bonnet oorneem dan wil ek die (DEMOCRATIC PRECESS) sienSee Translation


  1. I must say, Johan Sloet de Villiers, you are certainly busy in the Netherlands sowing hate. Going around, criticizing people in South Africa, blocking South Africa singers in the Netherlands, picketing in skirts in from of palement, yes you are busy. You are busy seeking attention for yourself as what you are donign has no effect. Go back to South Africa and start there. Employ your strengths in South Africa en help the poor and oppressed people there. Apartheid is not over, it has just changed colours. maybe you have not noticed that. Oh, yes, you couldn't, as you are so busy trying to enjoy the limelight that you have no clue what is happening in South Africa.

    1. True......sad thing is they pat themselves on the back on how great SA is now......and the wrongs are blamed on Zuma. What I personally find strange is that they are too stupid to figure out that Zuma represents the ANC, he is the ANC. The ANC does not rebuke him because they are with him. Even if Zuma is replaced things will not change. The so called "struggle" was not about freedom and equality but about power and enforcing their communist values on everyone. Sloet believes in the ANC, an organisation without any Christian values or ethics. Sloet believes in socialism which will destroy this country and he claims to understand economics? Another abomination is the idolizing of Mandela. Yes Sloet is seeking attention and has surrounded himself with people that believe that there are no black racism. I asked Sloet before why he does not take up the cause for the abused prostitutes in Holland....or the gay hate mainly by Muslim groups but it seems he is more comfortable hating whites. Sloet lives in the past and seeks out the extremes that happened.....the millions of good people are ignored as that does not give him the feel good emotions.

  2. Sloet, u are a p#@$! That's all I have to say.