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Sunday, March 24, 2013



At the risk of stating the obvious, for us to resolve any problem, we have to ultimately get to the root cause.
We have to get into a surveyor-like mindset. Yes we recognise all the symptoms of the situation, but ultimately we need to uncover the causative problem.
Why does this problem keep re-occurring, again and again, year after year and decade after decade (century after century)?
Surely putting all our energy into the symptoms, will only superficially ‘sort’ the issue out. In some cases it will in fact aggravate the situation, because it will waste much needed resources and time which could be used in sourcing the root cause. It also runs the risk of giving people false hope, which becomes fatiguing when they find out their particular problem has bubbled up to the surface yet again.
The analogy I often give is in health, where even though people have switched to natural health, they still come at their problem from a conditioned allopathic mindset. They want some magic lotion or quick-fix therapy to ‘fix’ their suffering, without addressing the fundamentals why they have a condition in the first place. Every single health condition on this planet falls under a combination of these five elements: environmental ~energetic ~ physical/structural ~ fuel/nutrition ~ emotional/mind.
There are so many analogies one could provide about getting to the root cause. But this absolutely has to be our approach. We have to be mini-inspector Columbos, going beyond the superficial levels in our investigations.
So lets first look at these symptoms of this agenda. There are plenty of them and this is part of the problem, that we are overwhelmed by them all. They are coming at us hard n fast, both in terms of internet information overload and in real experiential evidence. This is what our adversaries are playing on, that if they throw enough at us, we will NEVER find the root cause – WHO is actually behind all of this.
Here are only some of the conditions of this agenda. I have split them into two groups – hard kill and soft kill:
Hard Kill
  • drone attacks
  • invasion/occupation of Middle East (countries which put up resistance to the IMF)
  • chemical/biological warfare
  • bombing, shooting, general destruction and killing
Soft Kill (foisted onto modern society as new-normals)
  • chemtrails
  • fluoridation of the water supply
  • lethal/toxic vaccines
  • drone surveillance
  • CCTV Big Brother surveillance
  • police state logistics
  • plastics as gene manipulation
  • sexual perversion, de-naturing sexuality
  • altering historical events and polluting education
  • intoxicants into society: drugs and alcohol
  • gambling into society
  • materialism/commercialism
These are the most obvious problems we are facing; but there are so many more and subdivisions of these too. So naturally our heads will be spinning. And whilst we are chasing our tails with this lot, the culprits tend to go unnoticed.
Like the inexperienced home-improver is too concerned with the damp patch on the wall, the motty smell, the ugly appearance in their living room. They are so desperate to get it sorted, they are not thinking straight and keep trying to address these obvious symptoms.
The same for anyone suffering with an acute pain – they are understandably so focused on the pain that it overrides their logic to really try to address deeper issues of why they have the pain in the first place.
That’s where we’re at. We are in pain, we are sick of this ugly damp patch in our lives. We are exhausted with this relentless unnecessary suffering. So we fire off attacking the superficial symptoms It’s those scummy politicians, it’s the bankers, it’s the freemasons, it’s the Jesuits, it’s the whites, it’s all those illegal immigrants and on and on and on we could go, hitting on the symptoms/problems/conditions – but NEVER the root cause.
So hadn’t we best pause, reflect and make the effort to really look at what this ROOT cause is.
Essentially what we need to ask ourselves is Who is behind all this carnage, the instigator of these symptoms? Cue bono? Who finances all of this? Who has a history of being accused of similar crimes? What is their CV? And who are these people?
Most of the readers of this blog will know who I’m talking about. THE JEWS.
But ………
This is where I become unpopular with many people in the Jew-wise community. Because I’m saying at a deeper level ‘the Jews’ are also just the symptoms of this agenda.
I see the ‘the Jews’ made up of a criminal network of Zionist Elite Organised Supremacists (ZEOS) are just the hosts for a dark entity. For a demonic force (satan/djinn/auras). This is a spiritual war and for us to address the deeper root causes of this messy business, we have to roll up our sleeves and delve into the esoteric realms. This is where the real battle is going on. Beyond matter – beyond the physical dimension.
For those that think all we need to do is round up those pesky Jews and job done, brush our hands and we can now go down the pub – they are deluded. They are ignorant of the bigger picture. This would NEVER get to the root cause, because ultimately this dark force would just convert to another host. It could be the Sikhs, the Hindus, the Christians or even the Truth movement – how about that.
This force, the darkness is omnipresent and potentially within us ALL. We all have elements of this darkness. It is because of these dark entities contained within us all that we are in this mess in the first place. So this is the ROOT cause of it all. IT’S US. We as individuals, collectively are the problem and therefore the SOLUTION.
The criminal ZEOS Jews are just an extreme version of this darkness, because they immerse themselves in this satanic ideology, with their rituals and occult doctrines (The Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah, even the Torah). Their numerology, symbology is all demonology so therefore they are playing into and magnetise this dark energy. They are almost trapped by it.
Taking this to a deeper level. The root cause of all of this mess as far as I can see at present is BS.
Body-consciousness Separatism
kWe all have fallen for this trap. We all think we are the body and not the soul. Even though many religions mention this, people in general have only grasped this at a dry academic level.
But for us to fully escape this nightmare of Maya (illusion) we have to immerse ourselves in this soul consciousness mindset. Really feel and experience it, really get it. That we are most definitely NOT (just) the body.
That is why ‘they’ or this force is constantly throwing images and perceptions at us to keep us trapped in BS. Glossy fashion magazines, sexual images, tempting desire-based imagery around the latest materialism and of course FEAR. This modern demonic materialistic existence is seeped in this BS.
Body-consciousness Separatism is our downfall. BS is the root cause of all of our ills. It is the NWO at it’s core. BS is all about ego, attachment, greed, lust/desire, and these deadly traits are all wrapped in our precious false IDENTITIES. I AM this and I AM that (IAMism). These artificial labels are just our identity crustaceans.
You are not old
You are not female
You are not brown
You are not Swedish
You are not a welder
You are not a Jew
You are not a grandfather
You are not disabled
You are not a white nationalist
You are not a Muslim
You are not even a Truther
That’s it!
That’s all you are, all you ever have been and all you ever will be. It’s that simple. This is your unchangeable permanent state. Your real ‘Self’. Anything else is just complicating things. It’s just unnecessary clutter in our lives. All these transient labels are mere mind shackles, which ‘this force’ is able to use as a weapon, a tool against us to keep us ALL (including the Jews) tied down – trapped inside the illusory world of matter Maya.
kAll these BS identities help keep us in this never-ending divisions…..therefore manipulated. And we keep falling for it, every single time. 
kTry hard to see your body simply as a spacesuit. A funny shaped, certain coloured spacesuit. To which you as a beautiful individual soul can only have this worldly experience in. Your body is just your earthly vehicle for you to have your worldly/spiritual journey.
kThis is the root cause of all of this NWO/JWO, therefore our solution. It is only through our complete understanding of this that we can use it as our key out of this prison hellhole, the magic digits for the security safe.
With any de-programming, we first have to recognise what our problems are and of course the root cause. Then we have to be realistic that it’s going to take some time for us to decondition, to move away from old habits, established mindsets. This is normal and natural.
But most importantly we need to have something else – something different to latch onto. This is where most people make the mistake when trying to force themselves off of bad habits. They are just using hardened will power alone and in most cases they keep falling back into the trap. Or even if they do manage to resist the temptations of old conditioning, the temptation never really leaves them.
But if we put all our attention (energy) on what we do want, on our goal, and really cling to this energy. Then off we go. We are taken off into another existence another persona. Our mind, body and spirit, our whole energy is swooped up into this new vibrant energy.
This is absolutely doable. I have witnessed mini-miracles of spiritual transformation in people. Which is truly breathtaking and absolutely inspirational.
Here are some excellent areas to help us really embrace soul consciousness and allow our conditioned (unnatural) state of Body-consciousness Separatism to fall away:
Immerse ourselves in true spiritual scripture, avoiding new age junk spirituality
Good association – begin to mix with like-minded spiritual souls and drift away from bad influences. Especially if you gain guidance from those who have made the BS to SC* transformation.
Become an actor – first just pretend to yourself on an academic level you understand it. This will open up a deeper more spiritual understanding at a later date.
Have trust in any project one needs intuitive faith at some level in what you are doing
Effort – we have to have the initial inertia. That oomph in us to make the effort to change, to make this spiritual transformation
Tenacity – if you fall off the wagon, so wot. Just get back on again. No one is going to knock you in the long run. Every black belt was once a white belt.
Enjoy the process. Embrace this experience. Use every incident good and bad in your new life as a spiritual opportunity. It’s all just a spiritual experience.
Help others – they say by teaching we learn. But I think it’s more accurate to say by sharing we learn about ourselves and gain more knowledge.
Good luck out there with your new life, your new outlook, in your new world of *Soul Consciousness.

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