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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Greenback Jesus in the Reptile Cage.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

[...]Oklahoma is bedrock for fundamentalist Christianity. I'm not saying there aren't good Christians there. I'm saying it is also Fundie-Ville and they are the bedrock supporters of pernicious Israel and all of the lies that maintain it. They are the canon fodder and the money tree. They are the ones who support the wars, all of them; the wars of genocide and the wars for profit, the drug wars, the economic wars, the wars of attrition and the wars of religion that are the result of false interpretation of scripture which has bedeviled humanity in all the places where people believe something other than the essential truth of that which religion perverts for the glory of the marketplace. They've got a greenback Jesus in the reptile cage. They are the devotees of the one they purport to resist and the tormentors of the one they purport to serve. They are the final result of the wrong way running backs, scoring touchdowns against their own team. They are the mystery masturbators, inflamed by desire for what they are forbidden to touch. They are the ones who condemn sex, which is the primary drive of existence. They are the ones who legalize alcohol because it imprisons the soul, fuels guilt and drives the engines of perverted industries. They are the ones who support laws against getting high because it makes you aware of what is happening to you, at the hands of the people these people support. Yes, many Christians of all stripes do not drink. Then again, they already have all the guilt they need.

If you want to understand the real source of so much that is unfortunate in our world, don't look to greed or the usual suspects, look at religion. You may have heard that religion is for those who are afraid of Hell and spirituality is for those who have been there. Isn't it interesting that those who are afraid of it create it and those who have been there, devote themselves to freeing you from the mindset that causes you to go there and to be there and those are the people that are most abused by the ones suffering from their own ignorance and blindness? So it is in the Kali Yuga, when all that is most deceptive, injurious and superficial, is celebrated and all that is serving, nourishing and protective is held in contempt? Is it any wonder that the worst of us are the most successful in their endeavors?

My friends I know how so many of you labor and struggle in the poisoned vineyards of the world. I know how difficult it is to make the wine and how the wine tastes, given the condition of the ground it came out of but we are in this situation for a very good reason. It's like that quote, “these are the times that try men's souls”. We are definitely the people that might have been and I am getting in touch with you then; since then happens to be now. There is a point to my saying that. It is like that other quote, “where there's life there's hope”. Do not despair in this dark hour. Do not give in to the downward pull. This is the worst you can do; endure. When there is nothing else you can do, endure. You will find that the very act of doing this accomplishes so much and you will find that this is the thing that seems the hardest to accomplish but is actually the easiest thing in the world, once you employ it. All of the other things are much harder and without endurance, impossible. I'm telling you these things because I came here for that purpose and that is all about endurance too. Had I not endured what I came up against I would not be speaking to you now.

There is a Tarot card called strength. There is an interesting feature that connects to that. Other than The Fool, this is the only card about which placement is in question. Certain decks put Justice where Strength goes and Strength where Justice goes. Ponder this my friends and endure, because the one archetype that works to the greatest advantage in this process is Strength. Observe The Rider Deck or the BOTA version. You will note that the angel with the infinity sign above her head, or as Sovereignty mentions, the halo, has her hands placed on the lions mouth. Some might suggest that she is closing the mouth of injury. I suggest she is opening the mouth for speech. She has another infinity sign made by the roses around her waist that girdles the lions neck and that helix of roses signifies Love. Every single color and position of anything and everything in every card is meaningful and it all has to do with accomplishing The Great Work. This is probably why I was a tad dismissive about making the Philosopher's Stone out of your own urine. It is true in certain ways but since I have accomplished The Great Work, yes, my friends, I have. Since this is so, I would recommend Love in all things and endurance; suffer these things for a little while until I come; paraphrasing a familiar source. There are volumes to be gained here. Like I've said before, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it is all on the level and what is Justice? It is balance ...and what is Strength? It is what makes balance possible. How do you get to that point? You endure."

Times like these come around so rarely that not even the memory of them is anything more than the grains of sand on the beach that were once mountains. Vanity, all of it is vanity, as Ecclesiastes notes from the unknown author. Not only is everything possible for you at this moment but things you can't even imagine are a fait accompli for those of you who endure and you wouldn't be reading these words if it were not possible for you. Conversely, The Stone is not what you think it is. I recommend reading Bulwer Lytton's, Zanoni. Also very interesting is that they have a yearly awards ceremony for the worst writers on the planet and it is called The Bulwer Lytton Award. I am making things more plain here than has been done in I don't know when. Profit from your cognitive capacity and your intuitive connection and endure.

Well, the hits just keep on coming and I'm not Dick Clark but then again I don't think that applied to him, which also creates a mystery by analogy. There's a reason that things cannot be made as plain as the nose on your face and for all I know it has something to do with the nose on your face and that reason is deeply connected to the need for you to discover some part of the equation on your own and also because some things cannot be put into words and that is why music is so important and why there are so many languages and also why symbols have an effect. Is it getting warm in here or is it just me? Is it getting colder while feeling warmer or is it just me? Some part of me didn't want to come here and some part of me believes it is worse than I expected but there is a portion of life and its conditions that cannot be predicted in advance. Don't make that part of me feel worse than it already does; apply yourself and endure. We hold these truths to be 'self' evident. We hold these truths to be SELF evident.
We hold these truths to be... self... evident and you can take that back to the part where there was speculation about the temperature and the room search games you played as a child.

My dear, dear friends, my brothers and sisters from another mother, do not miss after almost winning when you should have known the end from the beginning. Is it real or is it Memorex? That is the critical part of it all and the initiative to endure, should you manage to convince yourself that it is real.
This is not a catch and release program and no matter how compassionate those fisher persons (fisher person?) might think they are, it still injures the fish. Is the fish glad to be alive, given that it is still a fish? Has the fish learned anything? Will hunger and fascination still be predominant in the conditions that caused that to happen in the first place? For myself, I still eat fish because I will catch them. I would not kill a cow and I don't mind if the fish eat me but they won't in this particular movie. I have already been swimming with pretty humungous sharks right there and also between me and the shore in clear Caribbean waters. Now are you more confused and should I have stopped when we were both ahead? Who knows? I don't. My love to you, endure.

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