Joerie, joerie, botter en brood,
as ek jou kry, slaat ek jou dood

Friday, June 17, 2011


Presies 'n maand vóór sy dood - vandag sewe jaar gelede - het ou Kiem die volgende bydrae op sy poslys geplaas:

--- In, andre <questor@...> wrote:
> "What a wonderful and marvellous thing is human life when viewed from the
> higher planes of spirit life! If we had the vision of an angel so that we
> could look down the long vistas of time we might see the millions of human
> souls working their way, by evolutionary processes, on other orbs in the
> solar system, preparatory to being drawn to this earth, we might see these
> millions of souls who, having qualified for a life on this earth, are
> waiting to be guided to prospective parents, whose charateristics and
> environments are such as will ensure them the necessary conditions for
> their further development on earth. We might also watch their struggles
> and trials of earth life, as they grope their way through the same, with
> the aid of their five senses, not knowing whither their footsteps are
> wending. Viewing their struggles from this exalted position we might be
> filled with pity and compassion at their failings and mistakes, as is the
> wise teacher at the mistakes and errors made by the pupils under his care
> and tuition, who are painfully striving to learn the lessons their teacher
> has set them, knowing they are necessary to fit them for the career that
> awaits them later on in life. So the lessons must be mastered, no matter
> how painful the process may be. Realising this aspect of life, can we
> wonder that the high and exalted angels of love and wisdom refrain from
> censuring or reproaching those darkened, sin-stained souls who have
> missed their way? Theirs is the loss, and the angels know it.
> "Speak gently to the erring one,
> For is it not enough
> That innocence and peace have gone,
> Without thy censure rough ?
> It sure must be a weary lot
> That sin-crushed heart to bear,
> And they who share a happier fate
> Their chidings well may spare."
> Can we wonder at the angels descending to the "spirits in prison" to
> instruct them how to work their way up to the realms of light and love?
> When humanity learns of the soul's long evolutionary career, and the moral
> law that compels each soul to reap as it has sown, it will learn to cease
> its mad scramble for wealth, power and self-aggrandisement. Kings, priests
> and conquerors will hold human life too sacred to be gambled for conquest,
> and wars will cease."

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